Apple hires eight hundred engineers to improve its camera on iPhones

These days people look for better cameras while buying the smartphones. That is why the phone companies have given more priority in increasing better quality and results in their cameras. Similarly, American tech giant Apple Company has hired eight hundred engineers to further upgrade the new features in its mobile camera. The company wants to make a better camera with the help of those engineers. Apple hires eight hundred engineers to improve its camera on iPhones - Doorsanchar

According to Gram Townsend, the leader of the group formed to work in making a better camera, ” though the camera is one of the parts included in the phone but itself combines about two hundred small pieces to function well.”  The company has been working a lot in providing better results from a camera so that users are satisfied with the quality. Undoubtedly, the camera of the iPhones has always got the better response from both the users and critics.

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