7 USSD codes for Ncell service subscriptions & offers

Ncell is one of the leading telecommunication service provider company in Nepal. The company is contributing to building best-in-class networks and communication services to aid in making Nepal digitally equipped. In addition, Ncell users must have an idea of some crucial functions such as balance check. Let’s look into details of Ncell USSD or short-cuts to subscribe/activate the services of Ncell SIM users.

  1. Know our own number Ncell

New to your new Ncell number? Having trouble giving your number or using the number? If that is the case, then you can simply dial *103# or *903#. 

  1. Ncell USSD For Balance check

Having a sufficient balance in your mobile and bank balance is crucial. You need to check the balance time-to-time. To check your balance in your Ncell Sim, simply dial *101# or *901# 

  1. Ncell  USSD For Recharge 

If your balance is getting low and you need to make a recharge, then you have numerous options. The first one is by using a recharge card, where you will have to scratch a patch and get the 16 digits. Then you need to dial *902# Recharge Pin Number#. Next is by calling 90012 and following instructions. You can simply recharge by using e-wallets like Khalti, or you can simply make a top-up using your online banking service or bank apps.

  1. Ncell  USSD For Sapati number

Is your balance low and recharging the balance at the very moment is difficult, then you can request Sapati or Loan. For this, you can dial *9988#  and get a loan. Spati at Ncell is up to Rs. 40. Also, you can request Data Saapati worth Rs. 2.48850 MB for 3 Days for just Rs.40.

  1. Ncell  USSD Code For voice packs

You can use Ncell voice packs to stay in contact with your dear ones and make calls. There are numerous voice packs in Ncell. To activate voice packs, you can dial *17118# or simply call 17118 and follow the instructions.

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7 USSD codes for Ncell service subscriptions & offers - Doorsanchar

  1. Ncell USSD For Buy Ncell Data Pack

When you have to use the net, but there is no wifi, then you can opt for mobile data. Ncell offers its customers numerous data packs. You can buy desired data packs, prices and with designated validity.  For this, you can simply dial *123# or *17123#.

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  1. Ncell  USSD For Activate Ncell Prbt tunes

Ncell offers PRBT (Personal Ring Back Tone) service, which helps a Ncell user to pick audio(besides the regular tune) which is heard by the person who calls the user. To activate your desired PRBT, dial 17117 or *17117# or SMSPRBT‘ to 17117.

Having trouble while using Ncell Sim and services?

In such case, you can opt for Ncell Customer care. Also, if you have any other query or suggestion about services, you can convey that to Ncell customer care. See Contact Ncell Customer Service for further details.

Wrapping Up

Using these codes, you, as a Ncell sim user, can use enjoy the Ncell service. Wishing you have a good time using these services.

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