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How to Complain or Report lost mobile in Nepal?

How to Complain or Report lost mobile in Nepal - Doorsanchar

We all have, at least once, gone through a mini heart attack when we couldn’t see our phone or find it in our bag. However, the mini heart attack readily vanishes when we find our phone and hold it. But imagine losing your beloved device, which stays with your more than your friends and family. It would certainly be a …

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Why wisely use ChatGPT for Assignments ?

Use ChatGPT for Assignments

Just give a command and get your assignment done! Well, this is what ChatGPT does for students. ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI tool that has great knowledge to generate text responses on any prompt. Definitely, Chat GPT is a potential assistive educational tool as it is capable of helping students in their studies. In fact, students are freely using ChatGPT …

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Why Use ChatGPT for SEO? Is ChatGPT good for SEO

ChatGPT for SEO

Yes, you heard it right ChatGPT is robust and intelligent enough to ease your SEO tasks. The SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tasks that you had to do manually using some specific tools can now be done by ChatGPT under your given prompt. People have positive reactions to using ChatGPT for SEO, and in fact, they have started availing this opportunity. But …

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Why ChatGPT is beneficial for Media and Marketing?

Chat GPT for Media and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence rapidly taking momentum around the world, in recent public response towards ChatGPT indicates how technology going to change the world. Innovation has always been positively impacting businesses and how they operate. Hence, keeping a tap on the latest marketing trends and remaining competitive is the priority of a business owner. A leading and most-trending innovation, ChatGPT can help …

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An Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT for beginners 

Ultimate guide to ChatGPT

The influx of interest on Artificial Intelligence has tremendously increased after release of ChatGPT. This could lead the world toward communication automation. Let’s check how good is this ChatGPT for beginners. In the year 2023, another genius and technological breakthrough were witnessed with the official launch of ” ChatGPT”. Have you heard about it? This is popular for being capable …

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7 Mobile Phones under Rs.10000 in Nepal 

Best Phone under Rs 10,000 in Nepal

Mobile phones became basics of life, so industry must need to make this useful device in reach of all. In Nepal, though mobile service is not that reliable but has reached in each and every corner of the country. Here in this post we will show you 7 mobile phones that are really nice and comes under ten thousands Nepalese …

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7 USSD codes for Ncell service subscriptions & offers


Ncell is one of the leading telecommunication service provider company in Nepal. The company is contributing to building best-in-class networks and communication services to aid in making Nepal digitally equipped. In addition, Ncell users must have an idea of some crucial functions such as balance check. Let’s look into details of Ncell USSD or short-cuts to subscribe/activate the services of …

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What should I Learn in 2023 to be a Full stack Developer?

What should I Learn in 2023 to be a Full stack Developer - Doorsanchar

There is no one better to reflect the phrase "versatile" than a Full Stack Developer. Well-learned in both front-end and back-end website development, Full Stack Engineers are the multi-talented experts that every organization and brand covets.

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Best 3 Antivirus for Your Computer in 2017   

Cyber-attacks and email leaks dominated last year’s news cycle. But you don’t have to be running for president to be the target of hackers and malicious software. These hazards come in many forms such trojans, worms, ransomware and spyware that seek to take control of your computer. Innovations in the development of malware move quickly, so it’s important to keep your antivirus program updated …

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10 Essential Elements for the Perfect Project Plan

10 essentials in your project plan to prevent nasty surprises, hit your targets and keep your project running smoothly from day 1 to successful completion.

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Five cheapest 4G supported smartphones

Nepal Telecom launched 4G service last week. By now we all know that to enjoy better and faster 4G data experience we need 4G supported smartphones. It is also true that many people have developed a mindset that smartphones offering 4G compatibility are expensive. But it’s not true. There is a wide range of 4G smartphones available in the market …

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How to permanently delete your Facebook account?

The charm of Facebook may not be as strong as it used to be when you were new to this social networking giant. You must have had enough of it and seeking for some other alternative. One of the alternatives could be never returning back to it. We all know about how to deactivate a Facebook account. Deactivating your account can …

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Mystery behind red number call revealed

A week back social post stating receiving a call from red number and a short number of Ncell leads to death became so viral that it triggered massive panic among people. This viral news is still the buzz of the social media. This viral news, actually didn’t have any truth at all. It was a mere hoax. Despite having any …

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How to enable 4G service in NT SIM?

Marking the beginning of New Year 2017, Nepal Telecom launched the much-awaited 4G service for the first time in the country. Amidst a special program, Minister for Information and Communication unveiled NT 4G logo. Now, customers can enjoy high-quality 4G data service. To subscribe NT 4G service, NT customers require universal post-paid SIM and 4G compatible handsets. If you don’t …

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Be aware of spam and social engineering fraud

Ncell, privately owned telecommunication service provider has requested its customers to be aware of fraudulent SMS and calls. The request comes after a customer reported about the receipt of SMS fraud in social media. The message reads ‘Dear Customers you have win 25,000,00 lakhs from Ncell. Congratulations to you and your family if you want to receive this prize please contact …

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NT appoints consultant to bring in strategic partner

Nepal Telecom has appointed a consultant to bring in a strategic partner in Nepal Telecom. NT has formally appointed Analysys Mason Limited UK as the consultant to help it in the process of selection of the strategic partner. NT has signed an agreement with Analysys Mason Limited UK to entrust it with the of appointment of the strategic partner and …

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NT and Ooredoo Qatar ink pact to deliver roaming service at a discounted rate

Nepal Telecom and Ooredoo Qatar have signed an agreement to provide roaming facilities at a discounted rate. As per the agreement, NT Postpaid GSM users can make calls at a cheaper rate to Nepal during their stay in Qatar. According to the press statement, Acting CEO-OGS Mr. Khalid Al Mansouri of Ooredoo Qatar and Pradipraj Upadhaya from NT signed the …

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Sagoon gears up to launch mini-IPO

Sagoon gears up to launch mini-IPO - Doorsanchar

Sagoon, founded by America based Nepali, Govinda Giri, is seeking for investors through mini-IPO. Sagoon is providing opportunities to the investors through ‘Regulation A Plus’ and has submitted a relevant proposal to the US Stock Exchange, which is expected to approve the plan within a one and half month. Sagoon has provided the opportunity to the public and its users …

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