NT postpaid billing system: Everything you need to know

NepalTelecomLogoThere are two kinds of billing system in telecommunication service. One is prepaid and the other one is postpaid.  As the name says, prepaid means paying beforehand and postpaid means paying after using the services. There is a vast difference in the billing process of these two mobile services. Here we list you those terminologies used in postpaid service of Nepal Telecom you need to know:

-Prepaid customers are charged on real time basis that is you are charged as soon as your call ends. Postpaid users are charged at the end of the month, calculating the tariff of every call under the heading unbilled amount.

-Unpaid bill means the amount has been billed but not paid. For instance, if the customer has an unpaid bill of Rs 1425, it means the unpaid balance of the previous billing you have to clear.

-The charging system of postpaid carries out billing process after every call though the bill is prepared at the end of the month. So the amount that has not been billed but the customer is supposed to pay the next month for using services in the existing month is called unbilled amount.

-Due amount means the outstanding dues customer has to pay for using the services. It is the sum of unpaid bill and unbilled amount.

-The maximum limit a customer is allowed to make calls is credit limit. Generally, it is calculated on the basis of the credit limit customer paid the last time while taking a new number. For instance, while subscribing to a new NT postpaid number, you are charged Rs 1000 as ownership tax, Rs 130 VAT and Rs 380 as a credit limit. Rs 320 is the limit of the monthly charges the customer is allowed to spend.

-In previous years, while subscribing to postpaid service, subscribers used to place a deposit for security cover. Now the deposit amount corresponds to the credit limit.

-If the customer pays more than the billed amount it is called advance. Such advance will be adjusted in the bill of the next month.

-The allowed limit of calls a customer can use without topping up the balance is remaining limit or available credit. Remaining credit limit = credit limit + Advance – Due Amount

-The minimum monthly charges NT postpaid user has to pay is known as a rental charge. The customer paying Rs 300 rental charge gets the services equivalent to it and customer paying Rs 900 rental charge gets call service equivalent to Rs 500 and 2GB data.

-The monthly usage of the postpaid is billed at the end of the month but if the customer crosses the available credit limit, you will be barred from using the service.

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