Government gives a damn about its hacked website

Abhie Ghimire

It has already been more than two days since the official website of Kathmandu Valley Town Development Committee has been hacked by Avian and Nepal Cyber Army. Nepal government has not shown any interest about on the issue or its simply unaware about the hack.

Its not a new story that many government websites are helplessly outdated and this incident is just another example how tech naive are becoming authorities. Few moths earlier the official website of Nepal’s president was hacked and defaced by an Iranian hacker. Similarly the blog of Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai was also hacked by anonymous hacker. Let’s wait and see how long does it take Nepal Government even to notice this hack. If this goes on, then it is very necessary that government must take better steps to control the cyber security else the consequences might become very problematic.

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Government gives a damn about its hacked website - Doorsanchar

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