All about data packs of ntc: a detailed guide

Using Nepal Telecom Data Packs helps you to cut down your spending on mobile internet in Nepal.


The Nepal government-owned Nepal Telecom (NTC) is one of the top telecommunications service providers in Nepal. The company strives to provide cost-effective telecommunication services in every nook and corner of the country. NTC is also offering customers PSTN service, mobile service, CDMA service and internet & email service. Further, NTC has been offering various mobile data packs to meet the needs of people. 

Let’s look into the latest NTC data packs for you.

PAYG Data tariff

PAYG, otherwise known as pay-as-you-go, the users’ money continues to get deducted till the time they consume mobile data. Here, you won’t be limited to data consumption and can be charged at the time of use or later. Being a default NTC data service for all users, you(all Nepal Telecom GSM service users) can simply turn on your mobile data on your smartphone and enjoy the apps or internet services. PAYG is applicable in GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and 4G networks. The PAYG has a data tariff of Rs 1 per MB.  

Sajilo Unlimited Basic Pack

NTC Unlimited Sajilo data plans are available for both prepaid and postpaid users. You can enjoy 1GB/Day for Rs. 599, 2 GB/2 days at Rs. 999 and 4GB/day at Rs.1499. Along with that Sajilo Unlimited 799 Pack for Rs 799 is also available. Sajilo Unlimited Data Packs for Prepaid users are available for 28 days, while SAJILO Unlimited 599 Rental 1GB/day Data Pack and SAJILO Unlimited Voice & Data Postpaid-999 in Postpaid is valid for 30 days.

The Sajilo Unlimited Add-On Pack is available at Rs. 30(add on 1GB), 40 ( add on 2GB), and 50(add on 4GB) with a validity of 1 day. Also, you can find a postpaid Data Package of 4GB for 30 days at just Rs. 373. Prepaid Combo Pack offers you services of call (NTC-NTC), Data, and SMS (NTC-NTC). Sajilo Combo 199 Pack is valid for 28 days with a per-day resource of 150 MB. In Sasto Combo 2999 Pack, valid for 336 days, 18 GB Data is offered, while in Sasto Combo 799 Pack, valid for 84 days, 4.5 GB Data is available. Also, Sasto Combo 299 Pack for 30 Days offers 2 GB of data.
Sajilo Combo of Rs. 349, Rs. 499, and Rs 699 are valid for 28 days with per day data usage of 500 MB, 700 MB, and 1 GB, respectively. [Check out the NTC Sajilo Packages.]

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Stay Connected Offer

Stay connected data pack was launched during the lockdown period and it is still available for people who like to use 4G data at affordable rates. At Rs. 130, you can enjoy 2GB(All Network)+3GB(4G Network only), Bonus Data and free voice call. 2GB All Network+3GB (4G Network only) is available at Rs 100, while at Rs 200, 3GB All network+ 9GB (4G Network only) is available for 7 days.

E-Shikshya Package

The concept of online learning for students in schools and universities to continue the classes and follow the lockdown rules of Corona Virus led NTC to launch its e-Shikshya pack and a Happy learning pack. 

E-Shikshya pack is useful for daily class format: 1) data from 5 am to 5 pm and 2) for any time period. The Happy learning pack is mostly best for using online meeting platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

To activate this package, student or academic staff (teacher) needs to ask their institutions to send an official letter to Nepal Telecom and continue the process. 

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Day Pack 

NTC has a data pack that is valid 24 hours a day. NTC data is available from 5AM – 5 PM and 6 AM to 6 PM. Unlimited Day Data (5 AM to 5 PM) is available at Rs.39, while the price for 500 MB Day Data (6 AM to 6 PM) is available at Rs.15. For Day Data Pack, you can avail of 80MB and 200 MB data at Rs.10 and Rs.15, respectively. To activate 80MB data, you can Type DATA80MB and send an SMS to 1415 while for 200 MB, you can type DATA200MB and send SMS to 1415.


Data Package (Winter)

In Data Package, you can enjoy a Recurring Data Pack of 500 MB per day for 28 days is available at Rs.299. In the all-time data pack, starting with Rs.15 (200 MB Data Pack) and ending with Rs. 800( 25 GB Data Pack).

Night Pack

Night Pack of NTC can be availed from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM. The Night-time pack offers you 400 MB of data at Rs. 12. Along with that, you can enjoy Unlimited Night Data, which is available Daily(1 Night) and Weekly (7 days) time and costs Rs. 18 and Rs. 90, respectively. 

4G Data Offer

 NTC 4G data is available at Rs. 15 (4G Offer 150 MB+150 MB Bonus Data), Rs.30 (4G Offer 512 MB + 512 MB Bonus Data), whereas 4G Offer 2GB + 2GB Bonus Data is available at Rs. 100. The highest of all 4G Offer 3 GB+3 GB Bonus Data is available at Rs. 290.

Social Media Packs

NTC’s social media pack is for those who want to use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

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For GSM and CDMA

You can access the internet at your fixed locations (home or business) using data plans available with either ADSL or FTTH (Fiber internet).

Please refer to GSM Data Pack for extra information.

How to buy the NTC data pack using USSD code?

You can buy an NTC data pack by following the steps below:

  • Dial *1415# and select the data pack of your choice.
  • Send an SMS code (of a particular package) to 1415. 

You can also buy a data pack for both GSM and CDMA mobile via the NTC Mobile app. Follow these steps:

  • Login to your account in Ntc mobile app.
  • Go to the “Buy data pack” section. 
  • Select the pack of your choice.
  • Click on it and get the data package.

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Final Words

This was a list of the most used data packages of the NTC network. You can choose any desired data pack for your convenience and make the most of it.

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