Ways to make your selfie better

Ways to make your selfie better - DoorsancharSelfie has been a global phenomenon. Selfism is everywhere. Mobile driven society has been now turned into selfie-driven one. Social networking sites have contributed more to its popularity. We have seen high profile celebrities to US President Barack Obama getting hooked to the selfie. And why wouldn’t we be glued to this global phenomenon? We all want to express ourselves in the most pleasant way. We all want to show others that we are photogenic. Taking selfie is not only about holding a camera and clicking it. It is also an art. Here are some tips how to master on it.

      1.Compose yourself

Ways to make your selfie better - DoorsancharPig nose, giant forehead, and muscular shoulder are all preventable by maintaining a distance between your face and the camera. If you hold the camera too close to your head you might experience some lens distortion, making your face and features look wider than they really are. Hold the camera far away from your face for the most attractive look.

      2. Smile

Ways to make your selfie better - Doorsanchar Be sure to smile or do something cheerful. A sad face or a frown will not help. Express Yourself. Smile! Frown. Pout. Or make a silly face (But, not the duck face!)

     3. Background

Ways to make your selfie better - DoorsancharSelfie is not only your face. It should have something interesting to look at in the background, too. If want nothing but your face to be the focus of the shot, choose a neutral, empty background like a wall. Whether you take your selfie inside or outdoors, check around, what’s going on in the background. Look for a background that matches your facial expression while you take a click.

    4.Find good lighting

Ways to make your selfie better - DoorsancharProper lighting creates a good picture. Pose in an area with proper lighting –either inside near a window or outside. The light will brighten and soften your features. Natural light provides more sharpness to the pictures colors but you can also use artificial light to fill shadows. “Natural light is best. If natural light is missing, stand by a source of artificial light and make sure the flash is off.

    5.Try a new style

Ways to make your selfie better - DoorsancharHaving the exact same look in every photo can be pretty boring. It’s ok to be a little weird with your style. Focus on one feature. If you’re planning to play with your face or your eyes or your hands, focus on some body movement. And don’t forget to experiment with new camera angles.

   6.Experiment with filters

Ways to make your selfie better - DoorsancharSometimes, flaws on natural clicking can be replaced by a filter. It enriches your pictures and gives it a flattering look. Play around with filters before setting the best one. Choose a filter that compliments your skin tone.

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