Why Use ChatGPT for SEO? Is ChatGPT good for SEO

ChatGPT for SEO

Yes, you heard it right ChatGPT is robust and intelligent enough to ease your SEO tasks. The SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tasks that you had to do manually using some specific tools can now be done by ChatGPT under your given prompt. People have positive reactions to using ChatGPT for SEO, and in fact, they have started availing this opportunity. But …

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Why ChatGPT is beneficial for Media and Marketing?

Chat GPT for Media and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence rapidly taking momentum around the world, in recent public response towards ChatGPT indicates how technology going to change the world. Innovation has always been positively impacting businesses and how they operate. Hence, keeping a tap on the latest marketing trends and remaining competitive is the priority of a business owner. A leading and most-trending innovation, ChatGPT can help …

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How to activate data packs in NTC?

How to Activate Different DATA PACKS of NTC

When Wi-Fi is unavailable or not working, people opt for mobile data. Mobile data is the Internet offered by portable devices like smartphones and tablets via a wireless cellular connection. As long as you’re linked to a cellular network, mobile data gives you access to the Internet wherever you are. Mobile data is mostly offered in Megabytes (MB) and gigabytes …

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Data Packs of Ncell: A Complete Guide


Ncell is a pioneer private telecommunication service provider in Nepal. As the first telecom provider to introduce a data pack in Nepal, Ncell has been offering numerous data packs to help its customers access the internet. All thanks to the amazing benefits of these data packs, users can enjoy their mobile data as per their needs. Let’s look into the …

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7 USSD codes for Ncell service subscriptions & offers


Ncell is one of the leading telecommunication service provider company in Nepal. The company is contributing to building best-in-class networks and communication services to aid in making Nepal digitally equipped. In addition, Ncell users must have an idea of some crucial functions such as balance check. Let’s look into details of Ncell USSD or short-cuts to subscribe/activate the services of …

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How long has it been since you are connected to the internet? Can’t remember? Then recalling the websites you have subscribed and online services you have signed into might also be equally difficult. Not to worry, a website will help you in this. Some Swedish developers have developed a website which helps you figure out your internet presence and delete …

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Five ISPs with the lowest number of subscribers

The Internet connects us. It has been an integral part of our communication. It is not only a daily necessity but also an essential factor for development. The NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority)  record shows that more than half of the population of the country has access to the internet. As of July 2016, internet penetration has reached 52.03% as per …

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NT’s WiMAX service in 75 districts

As promised while unveiling plans and programs of fiscal year 2016/17, Nepal Telecom has been extensively expanding its service all over the country. In early October, NT had expanded 3G service across the country. Of late, it has extended WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) service in 75 districts of the country. On 24th October, NT made the service available …

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National Broadband master plan proposes to bring in new telecom company

Nationwide broadband to be available by 2020 National Broadband master plan prepared by Nepal Telecommunication Authority has proposed to bring in new telecom company to secure a more competitive telecommunications sector. It has stated that current state of duopoly of Nepal Telecom and Ncell which hold 95% of total market share is not likely to produce the good outcomes for …

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Configure GPRS setting in NTC

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a wireless data service, available with most GSM networks. The service offers throughput rates of up to 40 kbps, enabling mobile handsets to access online services from almost anywhere with cellular coverage. It enables people to enjoy data services, such as e-mail on the move, multimedia messages, social networking and location-based services.   How …

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Half of the population connected to internet

Reports show half of population has connected to internet. The latest Management Information Report (MIS) published by NTA, shows that internet penetration rate has reached 50.11% by Mid March 2016. And mobile internet has crucial role in attaining this accomplishment. The report shows there are 12. 74 million data subscribers in the country. In March 2016, the figure of internet penetration …

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Surf internet at cheaper rates with data packages on NT network

If you are wondering how to surf internet on GSM and CDMA mobile on Nepal Telecom network through data packages, we are here to guide you to subscribe data packages in GSM prepaid mobile and GSM post paid mobile to access internet at cheaper rates. Nepal Telecom has seven different data packages for GSM Postpaid Mobile. To subscribe the data …

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‘Yetihasik’ offer of Worldlink

Worldlink Communications has introduced new offer under its segment Worldlink Fiber service. It has referred to the offer ‘Yetihasik offer first time in Nepal ekdam unlimited internet at a high speed of 3mbps. The main attraction of this package is a discount on the price of internet package. If customers buy 12 months of unlimited internet package with the speed …

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Nepal Telecom revises FTTH rates

Nepal Telecom has come up with revised rate of wired based FTTH internet service. Along with FTTH rate, the rate has been revised for packaged distribution and sales, customer –premises equipment (CPE) charge.

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How secured is your password ?

People might have their own experience and belief on the issue of online security. Some people even claim that their passwords are the most secure one and no one can hack them.

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Global Trending Videos of 2015

We all know Youtube has changed our television habit, ‘Music, Movies and Masti’ everything now on youtueway. On 2015 YouTube became more popular and closer to netizens to spend their time watching more and more videos in different genres, generating billions of views every day.

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Know the key facts about Yahoo, the internet pioneer

Founded in 1994 by Stanford University students David Filo and Jerry Yang, Yahoo was created as a type of directory for the Internet. It was originally called "Jerry and Dave's Guide to the World Wide Web" and when the Yahoo name was agreed upon, its founders said in jest that it stood for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle."

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11 million Nepalese have access to Internet

According to Management Information Systems (MIS) report published by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), internet saturation in the country has stretched 44.11 percent. There are a total of 11,687,819 Internet subscribers as of November 2015.

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