How secured is your password ?

People might have their own experience and belief on the issue of online security. Some people even claim that their passwords are the most secure one and no one can hack them. At the same time, some people are not even worried about their online security or unaware about the possibility of their password being hacked. In today’s digital age, if you are not fully aware of the cyber crimes and online security then even money can be stolen from your accounts or important information can be leaked. Similarly, an unauthorized person can have access to your private life.How secured is your password  - Doorsanchar

There are various misconceptions about online security which people have been believing easily. Sometimes people get derailed by reading untrustworthy posts on social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.

How secure is your password ? Here are three major misconceptions

These days almost every website believe in two-factor authentication. Most of the websites provide serial code to the mobile numbers of customers which are then entered into a website for the verification. Users believe this process to be much secured. Trusting the two-factor authentication and keeping a less strong password for log in details can be unproductive. If you are using two-factor authentication method then you must not forget to download backup code in case of some unrecognized activity.

Most of the online security company easily claim to keep users password with full security. Believing in such companies and handing over the password to them can be dangerous. There might be the risk of passwords not getting encrypted which can easily be hacked and stolen. Encrypting the password of users is very expensive for those online security agencies. It is less expensive for them to store password without encrypting. Therefore only then passwords can be stored in the online security companies if you get the guaranty of encryption.

Most of the websites keep password strength meter to show how strong the password but that meter seems very weak for the hackers.

Even though you change the password frequently it does guarantee that your password is secured. Therefore if you combine letters, characters, and numbers in your password, it is regarded as the strongest one.

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