Mobile apps transforming public service

Mobile apps transforming public service - Doorsanchar

Mobile is omnipresent and the number of people having reach to mobile internet is also growing. In light of growing number of mobile users, the government sector is gathering pace in adopting the innovations of information technologies. The latest is the use of mobile apps in service delivery. With the popularity of mobile apps, government institutions are gradually launching mobile applications to reach public widely and swiftly. There has been significant advancement made regarding delivery of service through mobile apps. (Download Nepal Police App from Here)

Launched in 2015, ‘Hamro Police’ app allows users to file complaints, report an incident. Apart from reporting incidents, other functions include locating nearest police stations, thanking honest police officers for their service. They can report any kind of crime with pictorial and documentary evidence through the app.  Hamro Police app users can SMS an incident if they have no access to the internet.Mobile apps transforming public service - Doorsanchar

In view of facilitating public with easier traffic, ‘Traffic Police’ app is available. Considering the uncertain traffic of the Kathmandu valley this app is quite beneficial. This app provides updates on traffic situations and makes people informed about latest traffic status of the Kathmandu valley. It also lets users create their personalized routes. It has altogether 12 functions. The other functions include locating nearest traffic stations, fine details, finding bank locations to pay fines, traffic reports, online streaming of traffic FM, making a direct call to traffic control room, and information on emergency numbers. Users can also download the guidebook for a license test. (Download Traffic Police App from Here)

Mobile apps transforming public service - DoorsancharLikewise, to disseminate information on agriculture and climate, ‘Hamro Krishi’ app is available. It provides updates on climate, agriculture and success stories of farmers. The farmers can benefit to large extent from this app as they can send any kind of questions related to agriculture. These are the few examples where government offices are providing citizen-centered services with the use of the mobile application. It has modernized public service sector, as well as public reach to vital information, has been made easier. (Download Krishi App from Here)

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