How to activate data packs in NTC?

When Wi-Fi is unavailable or not working, people opt for mobile data. Mobile data is the Internet offered by portable devices like smartphones and tablets via a wireless cellular connection. As long as you’re linked to a cellular network, mobile data gives you access to the Internet wherever you are. Mobile data is mostly offered in Megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB).

Nepal’s leading telecommunication company, NTC or Nepal Telecom, offers data mobile data. You can buy mobile data in the form of data packs. You can activate various NTC data packs and relish the data as your wish.

Types of NTC data pack


  •  Day Data pack

NTC has a data pack valid 24 hours a day which is available in timings of  5:00 AM – 5:00 PM and 6 AM to 6 PM. Unlimited Day Data (5 AM to 5 PM) is available at Rs.39, while the price for 500 MB Day Data (6 AM to 6 PM) is available at Rs. 15.

  •  Unlimited 1 hour Pack

Here, you will get DATA, VOICE & SMS service for One Hour at Rs.20. Here, you will get DATA, VOICE & SMS service for One Hour at Rs.20. To avail this, you can Type FDPACK and send SMS to 1415.

  • All-Time Data Pack

For Day Data Pack,  you can avail of 80MB and 200 MB data at Rs. 15, respectively. To activate  80MB data, you can Type DATA80MB and send an SMS to 1415 while for 200 MB, you can type DATA200MB and send SMS to 1415.

  • Night-Time Pack

You can enjoy your data at night time for as low as 5 Paisa/MB. This pack is valid from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM. You can enjoy 400 MB of data at Rs. 12. To activate this, you can type Night400MB and send an SMS to 1415.

  • Unlimited Night Pack

 In this data pack, you can enjoy unlimited data. Further, you can enjoy 1GB of Data Per Day. This data pack can be used from 11 PM to 6 AM. In fact, Daily Unlimited(1 Night) and Weekly Unlimited(7 days) are available at Rs 18 and Rs 90, respectively. To redeem the daily unlimited, you can type NUNL and Send SMS to 1415, while or the weekly one you can type UNL7 and Send SMS to 1415.

  • Social Media Pack

The Social Media pack is for those who like to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter. In the social media pack, Data of 70MB,250MB, and 600MB is available at the cost of Rs.10, Rs.35, and Rs.65, respectively. For subscription, you can type  FBxxMB and send SMS to 1415, where xx is the number of MB.

  • Video Streaming Pack

Also, you can enjoy streaming Data Pack, which is mostly useful for Nepal Telecom customers who love to enjoy YouTube Videos and Live TV Streaming using WOWTIME App. You can enjoy 300MB, 650MB, and 1400 MB at Rs15, Rs.30, and Rs.60. To activate this, you can type YTxxxMB and send SMS to 1415, where xxx is the desired MB.

  • 4G Data Pack

4G Data pack is available for 1 Day, 7 days, and 28 days. For, 1 Day 4G Data pack, 150 MB+150 MB Bonus Data can be enjoyed at Rs.15 while 512 MB + 512 MB Bonus Data is available at Rs.30. The 7 day 4G Data pack offers 2GB + 2GB Bonus Data at Rs.100. Lastly, the 28 Day 4G pack which offers 3GB + 3GB Bnus Data for 290. To subscribe to any of such offers, you can make a subscription by dialling *1415#.

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Is there another easy way to activate the NTC data pack?

Yes! Getting Data packs in NTC is easy. You just need to dial *1415#. After you dial it, you will be given the menu, which consists of Winter, Prepaid packs, Unlimited Night Data Pack, Voice 4G, GB/Day, Intl-services, Unlimited, Day Packs, and Stay Connected options. Then you can type the desired data pack number (like 8 for Unlimited Data). You will then receive a message about the data being activated.

How to see how much data is left on NTC?

Yes, you can check the remaining data volume in NTC by using USSD Code: Dial *1415*55# and press the call button. After this, a notification will be shown, which will contain the remaining data volume and the expiration date with the actual time on your screen. 

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