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How to Complain or Report lost mobile in Nepal?

How to Complain or Report lost mobile in Nepal - Doorsanchar

We all have, at least once, gone through a mini heart attack when we couldn’t see our phone or find it in our bag. However, the mini heart attack readily vanishes when we find our phone and hold it. But imagine losing your beloved device, which stays with your more than your friends and family. It would certainly be a …

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Why wisely use ChatGPT for Assignments ?

Use ChatGPT for Assignments

Just give a command and get your assignment done! Well, this is what ChatGPT does for students. ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI tool that has great knowledge to generate text responses on any prompt. Definitely, Chat GPT is a potential assistive educational tool as it is capable of helping students in their studies. In fact, students are freely using ChatGPT …

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What’s New in ChatGPT-4?

Benefits of ChatGPT-4

ChatGPT-4 is a chatbot prototype that uses OpenAI’s latest and most advanced AI system. GPT-4, launched on March 14, is the successor to GPT-3. ChatGPT-3 was text-based, while GPT-4 is “multimodal,” i.e. it can respond to prompts that can be in text, image, audio, and video forms. As a multimodal tool, GPT-4 offers a high scope for collaboration and creativity, …

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Why Use ChatGPT for SEO? Is ChatGPT good for SEO

ChatGPT for SEO

Yes, you heard it right ChatGPT is robust and intelligent enough to ease your SEO tasks. The SEO(Search Engine Optimization) tasks that you had to do manually using some specific tools can now be done by ChatGPT under your given prompt. People have positive reactions to using ChatGPT for SEO, and in fact, they have started availing this opportunity. But …

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Why ChatGPT is beneficial for Media and Marketing?

Chat GPT for Media and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence rapidly taking momentum around the world, in recent public response towards ChatGPT indicates how technology going to change the world. Innovation has always been positively impacting businesses and how they operate. Hence, keeping a tap on the latest marketing trends and remaining competitive is the priority of a business owner. A leading and most-trending innovation, ChatGPT can help …

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An Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT for beginners 

Ultimate guide to ChatGPT

The influx of interest on Artificial Intelligence has tremendously increased after release of ChatGPT. This could lead the world toward communication automation. Let’s check how good is this ChatGPT for beginners. In the year 2023, another genius and technological breakthrough were witnessed with the official launch of ” ChatGPT”. Have you heard about it? This is popular for being capable …

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7 Mobile Phones under Rs.10000 in Nepal 

Best Phone under Rs 10,000 in Nepal

Mobile phones became basics of life, so industry must need to make this useful device in reach of all. In Nepal, though mobile service is not that reliable but has reached in each and every corner of the country. Here in this post we will show you 7 mobile phones that are really nice and comes under ten thousands Nepalese …

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How to make balance transfer in NTC?


Nepal Telecom (NTC) offers the opportunity to make a balance transfer. The balance can be transferred to any GSM prepaid or CDMA user. To help you with an NTC balance transfer, here is a blog with a step-by-step guide. What is the minimum and maximum balance transfer available in NTC? When making an NTC balance transfer, you can send a minimum …

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How to activate data packs in NTC?

How to Activate Different DATA PACKS of NTC

When Wi-Fi is unavailable or not working, people opt for mobile data. Mobile data is the Internet offered by portable devices like smartphones and tablets via a wireless cellular connection. As long as you’re linked to a cellular network, mobile data gives you access to the Internet wherever you are. Mobile data is mostly offered in Megabytes (MB) and gigabytes …

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All about data packs of ntc: a detailed guide


Using Nepal Telecom Data Packs helps you to cut down your spending on mobile internet in Nepal.   The Nepal government-owned Nepal Telecom (NTC) is one of the top telecommunications service providers in Nepal. The company strives to provide cost-effective telecommunication services in every nook and corner of the country. NTC is also offering customers PSTN service, mobile service, CDMA …

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Important USSD codes and Numbers For Subscriptions & Offers in NTC

Important USSD codes and Numbers For Subscriptions & Offers in NTC - Doorsanchar

There are many offers in NTC year around, you need to be updated to know which offer best suits your need to keep your communication costs down.   Nepal Telecom (NTC) offers its telecommunication services mobile, landline ADSL, FTTH, and other services. To get your desired services of subscribing offers, packages, and adding extra functionalities/features addressed, you can use USSD codes, …

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How to transfer balance in Ncell?


Just by using mobile and Ncell SIM, Ncell users can send and receive balance anytime, anywhere. The balance transfer is solely devoted to the main balance on the SIM. The user to whom the balance is transferred can use the balance for making calls, sending SMS and simply using the internet. What is the minimum and maximum amount that I …

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Data Packs of Ncell: A Complete Guide


Ncell is a pioneer private telecommunication service provider in Nepal. As the first telecom provider to introduce a data pack in Nepal, Ncell has been offering numerous data packs to help its customers access the internet. All thanks to the amazing benefits of these data packs, users can enjoy their mobile data as per their needs. Let’s look into the …

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7 USSD codes for Ncell service subscriptions & offers


Ncell is one of the leading telecommunication service provider company in Nepal. The company is contributing to building best-in-class networks and communication services to aid in making Nepal digitally equipped. In addition, Ncell users must have an idea of some crucial functions such as balance check. Let’s look into details of Ncell USSD or short-cuts to subscribe/activate the services of …

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