How to transfer balance in Ncell?

Just by using mobile and Ncell SIM, Ncell users can send and receive balance anytime, anywhere. The balance transfer is solely devoted to the main balance on the SIM. The user to whom the balance is transferred can use the balance for making calls, sending SMS and simply using the internet.

What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can transfer to Ncell?

As per Ncell official site, you can transfer a minimum Rs.10 at once. Talking about the maximum amount for balance which can be transferred is Rs. 200. You can make a balance transfer three times a day. 

Who can use make a Ncell balance transfer? 

Balance transfer in Ncell is available from Prepaid to Prepaid numbers. Furthermore, you can avail the balance transfer, but it is not applicable for transferring a balance from Ncell to NTC. In fact, transferring is not available for  Ncell prepaid to Ncell postpaid and vice versa.  

How to transfer the balance in Ncell?

To transfer the balance in Ncell, you need to dial *17122* followed by the receiver’s mobile number and amount.

Example: *17122*<Type receiver’s mobile number>*<Type transfer amount># OR *17122*98XXXXXXXX*10#

Balance Transfer in Ncell  

What is the Service charge for Ncell Balance transfer?

The service charge for the money/balance transfer has Government taxes which include: a 10% Telecommunication Service Charge, 2% Ownership tax and 13% VAT. So, if you transfer Rs 100 to a desired mobile number, then the receiver will only get Rs 87.60. Also, if your desired receiver has any payment left for services like a loan, then money on those services will be deducted as well. 

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Can I Transfer the Balance to the Ncell number from abroad?

Yes, people who live abroad can transfer their balance on their phones. But for transferring the balance on Ncell, there is no specific code or step; however, you can recharge your Ncell number via online using a debit or credit card.

Balance Transfer Comparision: Ncell Vs NTC

Compared to NTC, transferring a balance in Ncell is less beneficial. In Ncell, customers can send a balance just up to 3 times a day and on top of that service charge for each transfer is applied. Whereas in NTC, customers can transfer the balance more than 3 times, and it is completely free. 

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