Important USSD codes and Numbers For Subscriptions & Offers in NTC

There are many offers in NTC year around, you need to be updated to know which offer best suits your need to keep your communication costs down.  

Nepal Telecom (NTC) offers its telecommunication services mobile, landline ADSL, FTTH, and other services. To get your desired services of subscribing offers, packages, and adding extra functionalities/features addressed, you can use USSD codes, sms codes, and even make a call. But when compared to the available subscription methods, using USSD codes is much more convenient. USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, provides a user with a rapid response. In most of the USSD services in the NTC network, you would use * at first, followed by some numbers and finally, closing with #.

Let’s look into some useful USSD codes or commonly known as Short cuts, used by NTC Mobile users for various services.

1.NTC USSD For Finding your Mobile Number

If you are new to your new NTC number and want to know your number, then you can dial *9#.

2. NTC USSD For Finding the SIM Owner

Are you sure your Sim card is registered under your name? If yes, there is no need to worry or else you must stop using that SIM card. NTC has issued a notice that a customer can use a SIM card registered in their own name. To eliminate confusion about your sim card owner, dial *922# and Check your SIM owner.

3. NTC USSD for Available Offers

You can dial *1415# code to find out what are the Latest Offers(predominately data packs) in the NTC Mobile services. At present, Winter, prepaid packs, unlimited night data, Voice, 4g GB/day, int-services (calls to India and China), unlimited day packs, and stay connected are available.


Important USSD codes and Numbers For Subscriptions & Offers in NTC - Doorsanchar

4. NTC USSD For Loan

Because of excessive use of available balance, you might not be able to make a call. In case of an emergency, you may not be able to recharge fast, so this is where you need to take loan. You can use the *1417# code is hence for requesting a loan, which is available for Rs. 10. Later, when you will recharge your balance, this loan will be deducted from the balance. Also, you can activate Namaste Credit by sending START to 1477, while for deactivating, you can send STOP to 1477.

5. NTC USSD for Security Code

Security Code in NTC can be found on the original package of the SIM card. The code is covered with a scratchable surface; one must scratch that to access the Security Code. Sometime back, customers had to visit the NTC office to get the security code, but now, NTC has resumed sending security codes via message.

To get the security code, you have to type SCODE and Send it to 1415. Once you get the security code, you should not share the code with others.

6. NTC USSD for Checking Balance

Thinking of how much is on your mobile balance? Simply dial *400#  and check the balance. If the balance is low, you may want to make recharge.

7. NTC USSD for Balance Transfer

You may need to transfer some balance to your dear one. Understanding this thing, NTC allows an NTC user to transfer a balance in the range of Rs 10 to Rs 500 to another NTC user. You can use *422*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*Rs.# for Balance Transfer. It implies that the balance transfer is available from NTC to NTC; transferring balance from NTC to Ncell or vice-versa is not entertained.


CRBT(Color Ring Back Tone ) is used by service subscribers to play their favourite tune, sound, or jingle for their incoming callers. In NTC, Caller Tune Service Subscription Monthly Charge is Rs. 20 while Weekly Charge is Rs. 5. For Tone, Rs.10 is charged monthly while Rs.2.5 is charged each week. To activate your CRBT, you should send SUB to 1455, but if you want to Deactivate the CRBT, you should type UNSUB and send it to 1455.

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Important USSD codes and Numbers For Subscriptions & Offers in NTC 

Wrapping Up

These are some basic NTC shortcuts or USSD codes you, as an NTC user, should know. Hopefully, you can use them and have a smooth use of your NTC number.

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