Ncell launches day data packs, surf internet at as low as 13 paisa per MB


downloadNcell, on the occasion of festival, has launched Day Data Packs offer, under which customer can enjoy internet at as low as 13 paisa per MB during day time between 5 am to 5 pm.

Since the launch of Night Data Packs, it received a huge popularity among Ncell users and customers were demanding data packs at the same rates for daytime. Meeting the growing demands, Ncell has launched day data packs. At night time, Ncell customers can surf internet at 10 paisa per MB while during day time, customers can enjoy internet surfing at as low as 13 paisa per MB.

Under Day Data Packs offer, which is coming into effect from Wednesday customers can subscribe to Daily Day Data Pack containing data volume of 100 MB at Rs 20, and enjoy internet at 20 paisa per MB. Weekly day data pack of 500 MB is also available which is priced at Rs 80 and enables customers to surf internet at 16 paisa per MB. Likewise, offer also has Monthly Day Data Pack of 2000 MB, which customers can subscribe at mere Rs 250 and enjoy internet at 13 paisa per MB. These rates are exclusive of government taxes.

Customers can subscribe the Day Data Pack of their choice by simply dialing *17123#. They can also activate the pack by typing the data volume of their choice followed by D, and sending it to 17123. For example, customers can subscribe to 100MB daily day data pack by typing 100D and sending it to 17123.

Customers can subscribe the pack of their choice as many times as they want. Once the subscribed volume is consumed, standard data rate i.e. Rs 3 per MB excluding taxes will be applicable. Day Data Packs offer will remain in place for 15 days.




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