Data Packs of Ncell: A Complete Guide

Ncell is a pioneer private telecommunication service provider in Nepal. As the first telecom provider to introduce a data pack in Nepal, Ncell has been offering numerous data packs to help its customers access the internet. All thanks to the amazing benefits of these data packs, users can enjoy their mobile data as per their needs. Let’s look into the details of the data packs of Ncell.

PAYG data tariff

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is a payment method for data usage when you simply turn on mobile data without using any data packs. As per Ncell, the PAYG Data Rate is Rs. 1.27/MB, including taxes.

Exclusive Packages

1 hour Pack

The one-hour Data Pack offers Unlimited 1 Mbps data at Rs. 22. This pack also gives you access to 20 SMSes.

28 Days Data Pack

For those who want a month-long data pack, the 28-Day Data Pack (Exclusive) is available. The exclusive packs are in 3 major volumes of 5GB, 20GB, and 12 GB, which are available at Rs. 290, Rs. 499 and Rs. 399, respectively.

Gajjab ko Daily Pack

If you want to enjoy a week-long data pack of 8 GB, then Ncell’s Gajjabko Pack is for you. This pack will cost you just Rs. 129.

Ncell Exclusive Data Pack

Day Data Packs

Ncell’s normal range of data packs is available for an hour, a day, 3 days, and a week.

For the 1 Day Pack, you can enjoy different mobile data at various prices. For 2 hours of unlimited data, Rs.30 will be charged. The lowest data, or a day pack which is 200 MB, is available at Rs.15, while the highest pack, for 1GB plus 100 MB, is available at Rs. 29. With Rs. 48, you can relish an unlimited data pack for a day. 

Ncell Day Data Pack

Coming to 3-day packs, it is available for 800 MB and 2 GB available at prices of Rs. 42 and Rs. 65.

Social Media Packs

The week-long or the 7-day pack is devoted to users who are fond of using social media for personal or even professional use(limited one).

7-day packs are: a)Nonstop TikTok for Rs 127, b)Non-stop Youtube for 4GB data for Rs.147 and c)Non-stop Facebook+Youtube+TikTok for 5 GB at Rs.191.

Ncell Social Media Data Pack

Monthly Plan For Students

Ncell offers its monthly data plan for students who want data packs that are mostly used for their educational purposes. The Education Plan, which is also kept in Bundled Pack, includes a Data Volume of 30.3 GB along with 50 min of Voice and 50 SMS. This package is available for Rs. 300 for a month, precisely 30 Days.

Ncell Monthly Pack

Mero Plan

Mero Plan is available under 30-day, 7-day, and 15-day cycles. The Mero Plan includes PAYG block feature, Discounted call & SMS rates, and Heavy data bundles. 3 GB data is available for a week for Rs. 95 with 0.5GB Viber messages and 1GB Bonus on Recharge of Rs.100, while in another package of Rs. 127 per week, 2GB+Nonstop YouTube and 0.5GB Viber messages are accessible.

Home and Away Pack

Here, at just Rs. 599, you can enjoy 60GB of Data (30GB 4G HOME + 30GB AWAY data). This pack is valid for 28 days. However, if you move to any other location, then the data session will run from another 30GB AWAY DATA.

Ncell Data Gift and Vouchers

Gifting your loved one with an impressive digital gift is the new trend. You can also gift the data packages to your loved one. With a validity of 28 days, the 4.5GB data is available at Rs. 249. 100 MB data valid for 1 day along with 25 min free call within Ncell is available at Rs. 16. Spending your Rs. 42, you can gift 850MB all-time data for 3 days. 

Talking about the Voucher, you can gift your 9.5GB All time data valid for 28 days at Rs. 399. Another voucher pack offers 720 min within Ncell, along with 50 MB data pack at just Rs. 15.

Ncell Gift and Vouchers(Data Pack)

How to activate Ncell Data Packs?

  1.  You can dial *17123# and activate the data packs such as top-selling, hourly packs, popular packs, 1-day, 3 days, 28 day, mero plan, student plan, and data sangai beema.
  2. Download Ncell App and go to the data pack section.
  3. You can also directly buy Ncell data packs using eWallets such as Khalti.

Can You deactivate the Ncell data pack?

Yes, You can.

For recurring ones like the Mero plan, you can deactivate them, but for regular (non-recurring) packs, you cannot deactivate them.


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