How to Complain or Report lost mobile in Nepal?

We all have, at least once, gone through a mini heart attack when we couldn’t see our phone or find it in our bag. However, the mini heart attack readily vanishes when we find our phone and hold it. But imagine losing your beloved device, which stays with your more than your friends and family. It would certainly be a big pain for your mind and heart. If your mobile gets stolen or lost, you must take action promptly.

In this blog, we will guide you on making a complaint or report in Nepal when you cannot access your mobile phone due to it getting stolen or lost.

Cause and Effects of Losing Mobile

Now, no one intentionally loses their mobile phone. But unfortunately, if your mobile device gets lost or stolen, then there are consequences-pretty detrimental ones.

When losing a phone, criminals can access and exploit personal data such as date of birth, legal status, home address, location, etc. They will take no time to do identity theft. Another thing is that phone thieves can use the stolen information for spamming, blackmailing, and tricking the contacts in your phone. They can also use shopping apps or banking on their mobile devices, exploiting their bank balance haphazardly. 

If you lose a smartphone given by your organization, then the phone thief can steal data, attack the company’s systems and databases, and even blackmail the company for some important documents. Customer data, as well as access to software or databases containing clients’ personal information, will be misused.

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How to Complain or Report lost mobile in Nepal - Doorsanchar

How can you complain or report lost mobile?

Well, for this, you have two options: 1) The good old offline way, where you take help from the Police, and 2) Online using NTA. In both cases, MDMS system is used.

What is MDMS system?

MDMS is a mobile device management system that is implemented by NTA to regulate the smartphone market and to find lost or stolen mobile devices. You must make an MDMS registration for your existing or newly purchased phone. 

Read our blog, An Ultimate Guide to MDMS, for details on MDMS registration.

Back to complaining or reporting the lost mobile, let’s look into the details of how you should contact the police to recover your lost device.

When you opt to go to the police in order to report a lost or stolen phone, you can go to the nearest police station. When you go to the police station, make sure to take your purchase receipt, citizenship card, and IMEI number. Nepal Police investigates and looks for the device after the complaint is registered and the court grants permission. Then the registered device is blacklisted on MDMS. This also helps police know where the phone is if it is turned on with the SIM card.

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Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

If the phone is found, then the police will contact the complainee. But it is recommended to stay in continuous contact with the police to get your phone.

Talking about the online reporting using NTA, you go to Lost/Stolen Registration on NTA’s website and fill in the details.

What do you need to provide for lost/stolen registration when using online way?

Individuals should provide different data or information in the online lost/stolen registration. There are primarily two important ones. The first one is Mobile Details; here, you must provide IMEI details, brand, model, lost or stolen, contact numbers (mobile), and lost/ stolen date. Another is Location Details, where you must provide District, ward number, VDC, or municipality where your mobile was lost.

Note* Before registering on the MDMS system for searching lost and stolen mobile phones, go to BLOCK the SIM card of that mobile set at the respective service provider.

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