Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone

Do you remember the last time you wrote something on paper with an actual pen? Neither do we. Writing is replaced by typing and paper is replaced by computers or smartphones. Likewise, taking notes has evolved even more. It’s enough to snap a photo with your camera and there you go – all important information saved easily and quickly on your iPhone. That’s great, but can you reuse and edit that data if needed ? Usually not, except in the scenario where it is rewritten manually, but that’s really exhausting.Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone - Doorsanchar


Fortunately, like everything else, even that area has evolved. Nowadays, there are apps which can help you efficiently convert images to Word or Excel, the most commonly used file formats. In that way, they can very simply be edited and modified. So, let’s meet these life savers.

Image to Word and Image to Excel are free apps for your iPhone that will save you from squandering your time and spare your energy needed for retyping the whole notes, tables, invoices, lists and other documents. Some of these apps’ characteristics are:


  • First-rate conversion quality and perfect recognition
  • Screenshots and complex tables can be converted too
  • No limits on the number and size of converted files
  • Converted files are easily opened in other apps
  • Won’t drain battery or resources

Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone - DoorsancharBesides, they are very intuitive and therefore easily manageable. Just follow these straightforward instructions and get your photos converted.

  • After downloading the apps, select from where you would like to convert your image: take a new photo with your camera or choose an existing photo
  • Tap on the image that will later appear among converted files
  • Open your converted document in an editing app, such as MS Word or Excel and make some changes

Also, within the apps you’ll find useful advice how to get the most out of your photos and convert them in the best way. So keep on snapping photos and bring taking notes to a whole new level!

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