8 incredible things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

Well, iPhone dominates our list of favourite gadgets. But though you may be carrying your favourite phone it may hold many surprises that are yet to be revealed. Surprise, the word itself is enough to hold your attention right? So be ready to know the surprises that are in store for you. We are here to help you uncover those surprising features of iPhone.

Control your iPhone by with your head movement8 incredible things you didn't know your iPhone could do - Doorsanchar

iPhone has a feature through which you can have it functioned just by moving your head. If you want to launch Siri just by moving your head to the left, iPhone can do it for you. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and then scroll down to the “Interaction” subhead and click on “Switch Control.” Tap “Switches” and “Add New Switch.” Select which system of the iPhone do you want to function with your head movement. If you want camera function to launch with your head movement Select “Camera” and choose “Left Head Movement” or “Right Head Movement.”

See wherever you’ve been

Are you having a hard time remembering the place you have been to the other day? Don’t worry your iPhone lets you have details of the places where you have been. Select “Settings” icon and tap on Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Then, scroll to the bottom and select “Frequent Locations” and look at the “History” section.

Save battery by putting iPhone in grayscale mode8 incredible things you didn't know your iPhone could do - Doorsanchar

If your iPhone consumes a lot of power you can save battery by putting on grayscale mode. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap “Grayscale.” With the grayscale mode on you can increase your iPhone usage and not worry about power consumption.

Use Siri to find photos exactly you want

Old is gold, right? On top of that old pictures of yours mean a lot to you. The memories attached to those photos are priceless. If you have a huge collection of photos and finding one you took a long time ago is indeed boring and difficult. To make photo searching easier with exact time and location, you can ask Siri to find them. For example, you could say like, “Find me photos from 2011 taken in China.” You need not have to scroll down and down. But this feature only works on iOS 9.

Send self-destructing messages (audio and video)8 incredible things you didn't know your iPhone could do - Doorsanchar

Messages are also confidential and if you want it to be received by only the intended person you can set message settings to self-destruct. You can send self-destructing messages that expire after two minutes.

Go to Settings > Messages and scroll to the bottom, click on a tab for audio and video messages. You can set it to expire after two minutes.

Let your family track your location

If you want your friends or a family member to find your location wherever you go, you can share it for either the limited period of time or as long as you want. To share your location tap on ‘details’ which is on the upper right corner of your message thread and select ‘ share my location’.

Use Siri hands-free8 incredible things you didn't know your iPhone could do - Doorsanchar

If you know only one way to launch Siri we are teaching you another method here. You needn’t hold down the home button to launch Siri. If you own iPhone 6S, just say “Hey Siri” to launch it. For iPhones other than iPhone6s, iPhone must be plugged into power to use this feature. To use this feature, first go to Settings, tap on General and then enable Hey Siri.

Try level function

Go to the compass and swipe left to access it.

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