Make a website from scratch

Learn to make a website from scratch is not a rocket science

A website is simply a set of web pages stored on a server and served from a particular domain name via a network either internet or local private network. But the main thing is website today doesn’t mean a simple set of WebPages it’s set of your business, success, and globe.Make a website from scratch - Doorsanchar

Broadly web sites are two types – static and interactive. The Interactive websites allow users interact with the site owner. Static websites serve as a digital display on screen but not provides interactive engagement, it’s one-way traffic flow of information. These days hosting and owning a website have the aim to make money using one or various business models such as writing interesting contents and selling contextual advertising through direct sales or advertising network.

No business can be done without a website these days because before product and service people ask website. So these days career on the web site and the web app is growing, learn programming, design, as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maintain an own website and blogs as well as to develop a career in the field, might be a good idea for young people to shape better future. This video explains how you can make a website from scratch.

Watch this video learn how to make a website from scratch:

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