14 Tips to help you create strong password

We all are familiar with the notification box ‘ use strong password’. We are advised to use strong passwords because it is a gateway to all our sensitive information. Nobody wants to put their information at risk. But it is a tricky task to make strong passwords for multiple accounts and remember it at the same time. So we have come up with some tips to make that process easier.

Here are 14 tips you need to keep in mind to create strong passwords and tips for remembering them:

1It need not be too long

Experts advise strong password limit in between 8 to 14 characters in length. Though it’s the general criteria of password length it need not be too long.

Combination of symbols, capital letters and lower case letters

If you create a password combining symbols, capital letters, lower case letters and numbers it will be hard for others to make any guess about it.

Don’t make obvious substitutions

Avoid making obvious substitutions like substituting ‘o’ of dog with ‘0’. Such substitutions would not make your password strong. It’s just so obvious.

Make separate passwords for separate account2

It might be easy for you to remember if you have same passwords for every account but at the same time, it also makes easy for hackers to access all your accounts in case they find your password. SO make different passwords for email, social networking sites and other accounts.

Don’t use passwords that are easy to guess

You shouldn’t use your name, phone number, birthdate and letters like 1234 as passwords. These are quite easy to guess. Even if you add additional number or characters to these passwords it won’t make it strong enough. And you should also avoid using common words like love, money for your passwords.

Use passwords generator tool

There are passwords generator tools that give you suggestions on strength of passwords. You can take in their suggestions as to punctuations; letters but use the characters as your choice.

4Change your passwords every few months

You should change your password on a regular basis. It doesn’t mean like daily but in every few months, you should have a new password. If you have the same password for an extended period of time, other can snoop your account regularly.

Use password strength checker

After creating a password you can check its strength with password strength checker. The time taken by strength checker to crack the password depends on a number of letters used.

Modify the password for its multiple uses

You can use the same password for multiple accounts with simple modification if you like. For instance: if the password of your FB account is 90ahnd7FAC, you can use it for your email adding initial letters of email like ’90ahnd7EMA’.

Use authentication tool

Authentication tool is another safety tool that notifies you about website breaches. If you use your phone number or email address as a form of authentication, you will get a message if anyone has logged into your account from other device or computer.

Have your device updated5

Your device should be protected with antivirus software and software updated on a timely basis. Having your software updated helps you get protected from hacks. There are hackers out there waiting to take advantage if you put off the system updates.

Avoid Phishing

There are many emails that are designed as phishing scams. Pay close attention to it. You should be aware where are you getting emails from, logo, words and spelling used in there.

Protect your handset with password or fingerprint

To prevent others from accessing your information easily, you can keep your phone locked with password or fingerprint. Security lock on your phone will help you to keep your information locked in case your phone is stolen or lost.

Expert advice may not always be helpful

Each expert held specific views about keeping password strong. Some say to have same passwords for all accounts while some say not to make common passwords for all accounts. Experts’ views also differ. You can listen to them but in the end, do what you feel best for you.


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