Basic security tips to protect your Windows

There are several tips to secure a computer. You must have tried every advanced measure to keep your personal data safe but might have ignored basic things which are of utmost importance. So in this article, we remind of those simple tips that will help you boost the security system of your device.


  1. Protect network with VPN connectionBasic security tips to protect your Windows - Doorsanchar

To stop people from snooping on your computer data use VPN network. VPN protects your online browsing from snooping activities if you are on public wi-fi, helps you to access restricted websites and much more. Everything you do on your computer network will be protected with VPN connection. It will keep your online activity secure and encrypted. There are many VPN providers, do enough research before you choose one.


  1. Create strong passwordBasic security tips to protect your Windows - Doorsanchar

Create strong passwords mixing letters, numbers symbols  and change it every few months. Do not insert words that are very obvious and don’t make the mistake of sharing your password with anyone. Make different passwords for your desktop, laptop and handsets.

  1. Keep your antivirus and malware software updated

Make sure use the latest version of antivirus and malware software on your computer. With updated software, you will get extra security against security threats, spam emails and viruses. Many antivirus programs have free plans. While using those free plans confirm about its features before use.

 4.Turn off auto play

If you have turned on autoplay on your device, there is a chance of security breach. You shouldn’t allow auto play on your computer system.Basic security tips to protect your Windows - Doorsanchar


  1. Use Windows Firewall

The other protection you can have on your computer is firewall. It stops any kind of unauthorised access to your computer. Go to Control panel and select Windows Firewall under the headings ‘system and security’. Likewise, keep your windows programs up-to-date. if you miss updates you might miss the latest security developments. So better turn on automatic windows updates. Also, do not forget to update your web browsers.


  1. Don’t log in from administrator accountBasic security tips to protect your Windows - Doorsanchar

Everyday use of administrator account while working on a computer is not secure. Because security threats might take control of your entire computer system. After setting up your system as the administrator for the first time, do not run the system again from the administrator account. Set up a different account as a user.

  1. Have a backup system for your important data

Having a copy of your important files on a hard drive is a wise thing to do. Who knows you might have to deal with an emergency situation at any time. Store your sensitive information on a hard drive and keep it in a safe place.Basic security tips to protect your Windows - Doorsanchar


8.Use reliable apps only

Use apps that are secure and easy to get updates. For instance, Javascript is deemed insecure in terms of security. Cultivate a habit of removing older versions of apps as soon as new one is installed.

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