3 easy steps to free up space in Gmail

Are you creating a new Gmail account because your previous account’s total space got consumed? Wait, you still can use your old account freeing up some space in it. Gmail has a storage limit of 15 GB. If you are you close to reaching that limit its time you take some measures to organize your mail. Here are three simple steps to free up space in Gmail:3 easy steps to free up space in Gmail - Doorsanchar

Empty trash and Spam

Trash works as the recycle bin of the Gmail account. All the deleted emails get accumulated in the trash section consuming a whole lot of space of your Gmail. So make sure you clean up the trash and spam section of the email regularly.

Search emails with big attachments

The other thing that takes up a lot of space is the attachment. If you delete unwanted emails with a big attachment it will quickly free up the space than deleting every single text-only emails. Type ‘has attachment’ on the search button, and it will show you all the emails with the attachments. Sort out less important among them and get rid of it.3 easy steps to free up space in Gmail - Doorsanchar

Delete emails in a lump

Emails like newsletters, notifications, mailing list messages are not so important. You can delete such emails in a lump. Go to down arrow beside reply option of an email inside the inbox. Choose ‘filter messages like these’, type the keyword>Mark them all and Delete at once.

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