Unhappy Nepalese trend #IndianPresidentNotWelcome

On the day when Nepal Government is in the rush to welcome the Indian President Pranab Mukherjee for his three-days state visit, majority Nepalese expressed unhappiness on Mukherjee’s visit. Since the early morning Nepalese commoner stating how unhappy they are to Indian Bureaucracy and Political Heads with #IndianPresidentNotWelcome on Social Media. Most of Nepalese believe current government led by Prime minister Puspakamal Dahal (Prachanda) a former rebel leader is backed by India and Pranab’s visit is ‘self-invited’.

Unhappy Nepalese trend #IndianPresidentNotWelcome
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Remembering year back Indian Blockade which pushed 3% of Nepali population [roughly 800,000 people] below the poverty line. Nepalese are not ready to welcome Indian president at this time.

India imposed a blockade to express its unsatisfaction on Nepalese political development and newly promulgated Constitution last year. Almost 7 months blockade crippled all aspect of Nepalese life.

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1. #PranabDaSaySorry

2. #BackOffIndia

3. #IndiaBlockadesNepal

4. #CancelHoliday

5. #IndianPresidentNotWelcomeInNepal

6. #IndianPresidentNotWelcomedInNepal

7. #IndianPresidentDontComeNepal

8. #India_StopBullyingNeighbours

9. #सरकारिकर्फ्युलेबेरोजगारबनायो


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