Top Nepalese Twitter handles to follow

– Abhie Ghimire

In the discussion at, three major points on why twitter is being famous in the world currently has been analysed as its:

Anonymity – Anyone can create an account and stay anonymous, the perceived value of this is very very high. A common man suddenly has the power to take on and probably bring down the strong and the powerful and do all this without ever having to reveal his identity

Perceived fame – everyone likes to get followed and listened to. Twitter provides fodder to your hunger for fame. Although it is just notional, people love the number of followers they have

Spectrum of information – there is no topic that is not discussed on twitter, from teeth whitening to bandwidth broadening. Everything is just a search away. All this and the fact that it is the “in and cool” thing now makes twitter so popular.

Similarly, Twitter has become pretty famous since last few years in Nepalese society. Many people have even jumped to Twitter because of increasing chaos and boredom in Facebook. Celebrities, political leaders, artists, journalists and so on are seen active in twitter these days. Have you ever wondered which Nepalese profile has got the highest followers in Twitter. We bring you the top ten twitter profiles of Nepal.

      Twitter profiles                                    Followers

1. Lokman Singh Karki                           396k

2. Baburam Bhattarai                             206k                        

3. BBC Nepali                                           152k

4. Setopati                                                 90.3k

5. US Embassy Nepal                             87.9k

6. Pahilopost                                            86.1k

7. Nepali Times                                       84.4k

8. Ujjyalo                                                  53.6k

9. Sajha Sawal                                         44.5k

10. Ncell                                                    41.3k

Out of these ten profiles only Ncell, BBC Nepali and US Embassy Nepal are verified as official by Twitter.

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Abhinaya Ghimire is a tech savvy person who loves keeping information about ICT and media. Graduated from Kathmandu University in Bachelor of Media Stuides, he is equally involved in making short films, documentaries and also has his own photo blog

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