Print 3D and Make Up

Is your selfie image looked less attractive or any other photo that looks off colored? If yes, then you don’t have to agonize as a new three-dimensional technology named 3D print make up, that provides an opportunity to convert eye shadows, lip shine or even foundation before print, has been introduced in the market.

A US specialty store introduced 3D print makeup. South Asian customer might need to wait for that technology to use although it will surely come in the market here very soon. The technology permits changes in any videos, cell phones pictures or laptop images by amalgamating the hex code at Photoshop, MS paint or any other image editing software that recognize particular color of that shade. It’s a 3D printer that combines ink with powder, cream or other raw material that needed to create a variety of cosmetics. The unique printer i.e. 3D print make up technology can print a delightful picture in no time that will surely attract more buyers to get it from market as soon as possible.

Named ‘Mink’ the 3D printer was lunched at Disrupt NY stage by founder Harvard Business School student Grace Choi with question answer:


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