Features to be considered while buying a smartphone

Every month new smartphones are being launched in the market with added features. With so many features available on a smartphone, it is hard to choose the best phone among them. To make your task of buying a phone a lot easier we are guiding you to consider some features from OS to battery life while purchasing a mobile phone. Check it out:

Before moving on to features keep in mind the size of your pocket i.e the money you are spending on your gadget.

Budget: What kind of mobile phone you are buying it all depends on your purchasing power. The more you can spend the better smartphone you will get will advanced features. If you have a low budget go for low-end smartphones, if you have enough budget for high end, spend on it, if you are in between go for a mid-range smartphone.

PortabilityFeatures  to be considered while buying a smartphone - Doorsanchar

Many people love the pocket size and handy smartphones. Rather than heavyweight smartphones, it is convenient to use lightweight smartphones. Practical smartphones are those that are comfortable to hold, fits in your pocket, and neither small nor big.

Operating SystemFeatures  to be considered while buying a smartphone - Doorsanchar

Most popular operating system are Android, iOS, and Windows. Android offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to design, size, capabilities and price. Apple iOS is easy to use and offers enhancements on features available. You can choose Windows for its universal apps.

ScreenFeatures  to be considered while buying a smartphone - Doorsanchar

There is a wide variety of display sizes available. Small screen smartphones cover below less than 4.5 inches. A small screen smartphone is a right size for you if you are looking for phones that fit your pocket. Medium screen smartphones are between 4.5 to 5.4 inches. Large-screen smartphones are above 5,5 inches and it is best if you love watching movies and videos, reading e-books on your mobile.

ProcessorFeatures  to be considered while buying a smartphone - Doorsanchar

The performance of your smartphones depends on the processor. It determines how fast or slow your smartphone runs. It is the brain of the mobile phones so select processor of high value. Go for the multi-core processor if you are a multitasking person.

StorageFeatures  to be considered while buying a smartphone - Doorsanchar

16 GB storage capacity is ideal for storing pictures, songs and videos. If you download lots of games get 32GB storage capacity phones. It is better to buy a phone with expandable storage and use cloud storage to save space.

Battery LifeFeatures  to be considered while buying a smartphone - Doorsanchar

If the battery of phone doesn’t last long other features of the phone won’t make any difference. Battery life depends on  size, processor and OS. Look for a smartphone with at least 3,000 mAh battery for the best results.


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