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Windows 10 features highlights (Videos )


Windows, most of the world operates their computers on it. Leading OS for desktop and laptop has various amazing features people even don't know how to utilize it. Here are Windows 10 features highlights

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Indians are addicted to Internet: Study


A research has found that 53 % of Indians are connected use internet every hour which is higher than the global average 51%. The UK based Research agency A.T. Kearney Global Research has done the study .

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Study Shows Nepal has Higer Internet Speed than India

internet speed

According to a study of world famous internet speed rating company Ookla, Nepalese people are using better internet speed in comparison to Indian. Although the India has been developing the ultra-sophisticated technology to distribute internet in the country, its still lagging behind in bandwidth not only with Nepal but also with least developed countrys of the like Bhutan, Nigeria,Cambodia, laos, Zimbabwe.

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How to Beat Facebook Addiction ( Infographic)


Famous psychologist Karl Jung said “Every kind of addiction is bad no matter whether the narcotic, be alcohol or morphine or idealism”. These days mostly the youth around the globe becoming the victim of Facebook turning then idle,even dumb. Many research have stated that Facebook addiction make person kill the time and degrade the creative energy.

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5 free cloud storage options for your smartphone


Those days has gone to history when you lose your all data and contacts with phone. Thanks for the cloud computing technology which saves your data really in cloud (in the sense of sky, from where you can use anytime from anywhere). Tech & Telecom companies are competing for market and users not only to engage you within their network but in sky too so they are offering free cloud storage :) using one of them you can enjoy freedom from loosing like sky.

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5 Things you may not know what iPhone could do

iPhone 6-iPhone6plus available for pre booking in India from 7 October 2014

iPhone, most prestigious smart phone of the time. Most of you own the phone from American maker Apple. Steve Jobs has chosen 'this changes everything' as a slogan for Apple's smartphone and really the product changes everything phone market, use as well as life of individuals. Now people are expecting more and more features on their iPhone in every new version. In another part most of the users doesn't what and how iPhone works faster, unique and in different way. There are lots of unique settings and features probably most of its owner are not using or do not know about.

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University offers course on Wasting Time on Internet


One the famous University of the USA, University of Pennsylvania is offering the new course on ‘wasting time on Internet which one requires sitting in front of the screen chatting on social media, watching cat videos . The Department of English of the university is offering the course from spring of next year.

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Good Bye Windows 7


The Microsoft has abandoned the windows 7 since yesterday. As the windows 8 is gaining momentum the most popular operating system has been discontinued. Microsoft will no longer sell the PCs which operates Windows 7 home basic, windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 ultimate. However the Windows 7 Professional will be available for OEMs.

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Pirate Bay Co-founder jailed for 3.5 years


The mastermind behind the creation of largest file sharing torrent pirate bay, finally sentenced to jail for 3.5 years. The Danish Court has given the verdict after he was found guilty of hacking the data of private company that is dealing with the sensitive information of the Danish government.

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10 Smartphone to buy in this Festive Season

10 Best Smartphones in Indian Market to buy in this Festive Season LG G3

India is evolved as a best and lucrative market for smart phones. Growing purchasing capacity and expanding mobile network made India fastest growing market for smartphone. American, Korean to Chinese mobile makers are in competition for market success here in India. Indian local mobile makers like Micromax, Colors have good market share. With the open market for mobile people have lots of option for smart phone brands depending on quality, cost and features. American smartphone maker Apple has started pre-booking for its most awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus before that Chinese Xiaomi, popularly called Chinese Apple has launched its best smartphones in India. It's the festive season in India Dussehra and Diwali, most of pocket of people is filled with money, so considering this festive mood smartphone makers started to lunch new phones for people. We have listed 10 of the best mobile in the market to buy in this festive season.

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Narendra Modi will clean your computer

01 NAMO Indian Antivirus dedicated to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, prime minister of India is considered as the most popular politician in Indian history. These days his 'Clean India' movement is making headlines and breaking news with nationwide support, millions of Indians is taking part in clean India campaign (Swachha Bharat Abhiyan). Beside the movement and campaign of cleaning India Narendra Modi will clean your computer, its sure! amazed? Do not actually; an Indian IT company has developed an antivirus dedicated to Modi with the name of NAMO which is short form of Narendra Modi. This will clean your computer and protects from antivirus and it's for free.

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Social Network pays you for activity

01 Bubblews social network that pays you for your status and activity

Social Network, the 21st century phenomenon twisted people and their activity in front of a digital screen. Everybody is social now! with an account on Facebook/Twitter or others and sharing what they doing and thinking. This creates huge content on web and social networks generating huge profit with these which you produce for then in free. All of the popular social networks has 'Share' button for you to share your content (status, photos, videos) and none of them giving you 'share' on profit they are making using your content. World's largest social network Facebook slogans 'It's free and always will be' for sign up, means Facebook is offering you free access on their network. Here you never think in return you are giving Facebook precious contents without any cost and they are making billions of dollars with your content.

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Nepal Telecom Comes Up With Festive Scheme


State owned telecom operator Nepal Telecom (NT) has come up with discount schemes on the occasion of biggest festivals of Hindus - Dashain, Tihar and Chhath. The festive schemes was delayed this year because of protest of engineers objecting appointment of a non-engineer Buddhi Prasad Acharya as NT Managing Director.

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7 free email service most of us use

01 Gmail, google approach to email, free email service

E-mail, simply this word changed our world. It's not simply a replacement of traditional mail system for us now, email id opened lots of opportunity for individual to get access on the various services in internet. E-mail has become identity of people as the citizens are converting as netizens. With lots of possibilities of business companies started offering free email service and these days we have lot of options for its use, a decade before everyone has to pay for this service. At the stage one can get unlimited storage, accesses in different services and web publishing service; payment as well as online transaction are taking place using email. With such extended service beyond sending or receiving message free email services are efficient, more secured, productive and portable (with mobile devices). Here we enlisted 7 free email services popularly used around the globe

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Block Annoying App Invites And People On Facebook


You might be sick of annoying app invites like Candy Crush Saga, Mafia Wars or Farmville from your friends on facebook. These days people are sending invitation unknowingly and who wants to get disturbed by these embarrassing stuffs. There are various ways for stopping these non-sense things.

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4 sites for games download to PC

02 Gametop.com Free PC Games for Download Play Free Games

Are you a game lover? Love to play games on your PC (personal computer) or Laptop but do not want to pay for download? Actually, it's very hard to find such website that gives you chance to download games free. Often the website slogans for free download but they give you only evaluation version or ask to pay for premium. It's very horrific experience during playing game on your PC winning various steps and finally the software asks you to pay for advance level.

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Paper.Li : Publish Newspaper Free

01 Create your own newspaper free, online app to create newspaper free paper

Major publication doesn't give space for your opinion, news hole for your organization's activities? No worries, start publish own newspaper daily. Become a daily newspaper publisher. There is free tool for you to make you newspaper publisher, interesting! Paper.li, a website (you can say web tool) so exciting as well as revolutionary in the sense that it lets you to publish newspaper free. If you are working for business promotion or social cause it may be a useful tool to promote your organization's activities in a creative manner. The web app produces newspaper, website and magazine online for free.

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Nepali Telcos Launch Festive Schemes


To add excitement and cheer to the upcoming festive season of Hindus, Nepali telecom operators are coming up with promotional offers to stay more connected with family and friends.

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