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Social Network, the 21st century phenomenon twisted people and their activity in front of a digital screen. Everybody is social now! with an account on Facebook/Twitter or others and sharing what they doing and thinking. This creates huge content on web and social networks generating huge profit with these which you produce for then in free.
All of the popular social networks has ‘Share’ button for you to share your content (status, photos, videos) and none of them giving you ‘share’ on profit they are making using your content. World’s largest social network Facebook slogans ‘It’s free and always will be’ for sign up, means Facebook is offering you free access on their network. Here you never think in return you are giving Facebook precious contents without any cost and they are making billions of dollars with your content.

01 Bubblews social network that pays you for your status and activity
But the scenario in social network domain is going to change soon and you will be get paid for your status (content in overall includes text, picture, videos, graphics etc), there are some creative and generous heads ready to give you ‘share’ on their profit. Couples of social network are planning to give share on profit to its users, among them Bubblenews is one which have compensate plan through advertisement revenue share system. Gerry Kelly of San Francisco has earned nearly $100 from Bubblews for his social activity (status, like, share), during test version. Although this website is not paying sufficient money to quit job but tries to be fair for user in their words. “No one should come to our site in anticipation of being able to quit their day job, but we are trying to be fair with our users. Social networks don’t have to be places where you feel like you’re being exploited” Bubblews CEO Arvinda Dixit was quoted in a news on CBSnews.
02 Bubblews social network that pays you for your status and activityBubblews issues payment to you when your credit reaches 50 dollars and you can receive the amount via paypal. It calculates your credit depending on views, comments and likes, another interesting thing is you will be provided 1 dollar for joining the bubblews. But remember there is some rules for users (because they are paying you! :)) related with use, sharing and language. You have to write at least 400 characters with proper heading no plagiarism in status. At this time you have to speak in English to be eligible to get paid for your status.

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