Abhinaya Ghimire

Abhinaya Ghimire is a tech savvy person who loves keeping information about ICT and media. Graduated from Kathmandu University in Bachelor of Media Stuides, he is equally involved in making short films, documentaries and also has his own photo blog www.abhieg.wordpress.com

All you need to know about Google Dashboard


You might have kept many secret information and files on Gmail account. From your bank details, important files and email ids of closed ones, you might think that keeping such information on Gmail account can be secured. But it is equally necessary to be aware about the services you have been using. Hackers are always active in search of right time to enter your account.

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Nepal Telecom distributes free sim cards at the airport


“With the aim develop tourism and improve company’s business module the service will be provided” said Buddhiprasad Acharya, head of the Nepal telcom. It is believed to attract customers towards Nepal Telecom. The sim card will have rupees 50 of talk time value. This service is expected to help tourists visiting Nepal.

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Apple is no more world’s richest company


According to latest economic report Alphabet has gained the total profit of 4.9 billion dollar in the year 2015 which was 4.7 billion dollar in previous year.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 specs leaked


Galaxy s7 will have the screen size of 5.5 inches with full HD screen. It will sport 3 GB of RAM with 16GB of internal memory which can further be extended upto 128 GB. Android 5.1.1 operating system lollipop will be featured. Samsung has kept its own Exynos 8890 chipset in the phone.

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WhatsApp is completely free now


Messaging app whatsapp will now no longer charge a dollar per year from its users. The company has targeted to increase the number of users therefore the step has been taken. Last year facebook bought whatsapp for 190 million dollar.

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Nepal Telecom launches social networking site


With the aim to put different sorts of service on single system, Nepal Telecom has introduced a new social networking platform known as MEET. The project meet comes under the scheme of Unified Communication System (UCS). The Meet was officially launched today. Minister for information and technology Mr Sherdhan Rai inaugurated the Website by connecting with one of the staffs from telecom office at Bhojpur. According to the telecom the total cost of the project exceeded Rs 10 cr.

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Men above 30 post more selfies than women


posting a selfie after age 40 is pretty much a global taboo, but in the over-30s, more men post selfies on Instagram than women.

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Know about Nokia’s much awaited phone C 1


The picture of Nokia’s much awaited smartphone has once again been viral on internet these days. The phone is known as C One.

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Huawei mobile offers heavy discount in Nepalese market


Huawei mobile is offering heavy discounts for Nepalese customers. The company is offering almost four thousand off on mobile and tablets. Under the scheme ‘seal the best deal’ the company is giving huge discounts, the authorized distributor of Huawei mobile phones, Call Mobility said on Saturday.

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Youtube launches home page for Nepal


The world’s largest video blogging website Youtube has launched its Nepali version for Nepalese users. From last Tuesday it has started the service by providing a separate homepage where mostly viewed videos in Nepal are listed as #PopularinYoutubeNepal.

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Microsoft to discontinue support for Internet Explorer


Reportedly Microsoft has announced that it will stop delivering support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 next Tuesday. The company announced its new browser called Microsoft Edge with Windows 10. This was intended to replace Internet Explorer.

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Nepal Telecom offers free SIM cards to farmers


Farmers with android smart phone can use the given application to get the information about weather, agriculture and technology, phone numbers related to agriculture offices, insurance information as well various other related information which will help farmers.

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How secured is your password ?


People might have their own experience and belief on the issue of online security. Some people even claim that their passwords are the most secure one and no one can hack them.

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Vianet now gives 10 mbps internet speed


This internet service offers 2mbps of bandwidth which can be boosted up to 10 mbps.

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BBC faces cyber attack


A group called New world hacking on Thursday accepts the cyber attacked that happened in the BBC. Technology reporter of BBC was sent a tweet by the group where they said that they knowingly did the crime.

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CG mobile enters Singapore


CG mobile has started its service in Singapore. The company has introduced three mobile phones launch-at-SingaporeEon X4, Eon 3g and Astro 183w in the initial phase.

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3D game wins Ncell app camp 2015


3d survival horror game wins the Ncell app camp 2015 organized by Ncell in Kathmandu. The game has competed on the category of sports and entertainment and thus bagged the category award too. The team was awarded with total sum of 7 lakh 50 thousand Nepali rupees.

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Samsung launches Galaxy A9


South Korean giant Samsung has publicized its Galaxy A9 smartphone at a launch event in China. Samsung's newest smartphone has a 6-inch screen and contains a non-removable 4000 mAh battery.

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