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Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone

Convert Images to Documents on Your iPhone - Doorsanchar

Do you remember the last time you wrote something on paper with an actual pen? Neither do we. Writing is replaced by typing and paper is replaced by computers or smartphones. Likewise, taking notes has evolved even more. It’s enough to snap a photo with your camera and there you go – all important information saved easily and quickly on …

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Best ebook reader apps


Technology is reshaping learning and reading habits. We now have become a digital reader with the digital revolution. One needn’t carry bulky books wherever you go. A smartphone will be enough. With your favourite gadget on your pocket, you can also take you favourite book in it. After all, you get your all works done through your smartphone, why not …

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‘Google Duo’ Video calling app for everyone


Google Duo is fast and reliable so that video calls connect quickly and work well even on slower networks. Video calling is the best thing to being with someone in person, but too often it can be a frustrating or complicated experience. Google Duo, a simple 1-to-1 video calling app launched by Google  for Android and iOS takes the complexity …

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Best apps for couples


Varieties of apps are available for different purposes. From social networking, gaming to enhancing your lifestyle, you can find every kind of apps in your app store. And there are apps to help you connect with your partners as well in more organized ways. With these apps, you can do more than making calls and texting. You can stay connected …

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Pokemon go !


Pokemon go is over everywhere and it is already one of the top downloaded apps in both Android and iPhone stores.  It is an augmented reality game from developer Niantic (in collaboration with Nintendo)on smartphones.  It’s out in Australia, New Zealand , UK, and the US . It uses mobile phone’s GPS and clock to detect where you are and what …

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Best android and iPhone apps of 2016

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It is the age of information and technology. You can find plenty of apps in app store. If you are in dilemma which to go for, here we have listed best of them: Best iPhone apps Flixter This app is designed for you to make your movie-viewing decisions. It lists movies with rating and theater show-time as well. You can …

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Facebook Lite launched


Facebook launched a new version of its app to enable more and more people around the world to use it.

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Facebook Lite for 2G internet connection


The social media giant Facebook has lunched simplified and lighter version for low-end Android devices. With the name of 'Facebook Lite' the social network is focused for emerging mobile network in developing countries. According to a report published on Techcrunch the app is just 252 KB in size which can be used on 2G internet connection. The app is based on Snaptu which is Facebook's feature phone client.

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Best Android apps of 2014, do you have already


Google has published best Android apps of the year 2014, in the last moment of the year. Google, giant internet company runs Android Play Store also owner of Android technology listed 68 apps as best apps of the year.

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Turn your iphone into a 3D camera

3DAround App to take 3D photos by iPhone

Soon you are going to turn your iphone into a 3d camera, with an app your iPhone will be 3D camera for you. An interesting app will make your mobile device a 3D camera which takes 360 degree pictures of objects and presents that as 3D photo. Named as 3DAround the app takes pictures that are not only 3D but interactive and another interesting thing with the app is now you can download this precious without paying, means app is available to download free.

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All secret Android codes, tips and tricks for your Android mobile devices.


Get all the secret codes of android

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Pirate Bay Apps are deleted from Google Play


The collateral effects of blocking Pirate Bay decided by the google are continuing. The Google has decided to exclude many Android applications related to the download link directory of its Google Play store.

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Call 85 Countries Free of Cost


Another revolution has happened in the world telecommunication world, that in now you can call 85 countries around the globe without any cost.

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App Controlled Vibrator for Long Distance Sex


The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a bluetooth-controlled wearable vibrator that allows couples to experience intimacy even from great distances has been launched in the US.

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Study reveals that almost all Apps have been Hacked – Infographic


A study has revealed that all most all apps of android and iOS have been hacked. A report by Arxan Technologies, reveals that 97% of the top 100 paid Android apps and 87% of the top 100 paid Apple iOS apps have been hacked.

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Time is Money

time is money

Many of us may not have habit of thinking about how hard it is to earn money before purchasing goods from the market. If you want to get rid of that habit then here’s comes the ‘Time is Money’ Google Chrome extension will tell you how many hours you need to work to afford that.

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Group Chat without Internet Connection


Worried about wifi or network signal to chat with friends and families? The day is over. Open Garden, a company working on mesh networks to connect devices via web without wider internet access has developed a message sending app that allows you to send message from one phone to another even without internet connection.

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“Smart Umbrella” Prototype is Here !

smart umbrella

Want to keep yourself dry all the time without browsing web for weather prediction or carrying umbrella every day? The wait is over! A group of Dutch scientists have developed umbrella as a mini weather-monitoring stations placing piezo sensor

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