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7 features you probably didn’t know what android is capable of


A majority of us carry android phones but we may not know what our phones really can do. There is really some cool features android offers us, along with that there are some hidden features you may not have discovered yet. Android phones are really multifunctional. Android comes with many unbelievable and awesome features and hacks. We let you know …

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Predict your future with Jokhana


The best innovation to date associated with mobile is mobile applications. This innovation has outdone almost all other technologies. It has changes how we use our mobile phones at the same time created lots of opportunities for people from different background. People not only communicate through mobile apps but get their almost every work done through it. Mobile apps have …

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Top 5 best selling smartphones in Nepal

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The mobile phone sector has witnessed a huge revolution leading to the introduction of wide varieties of mobile phones. It is no more luxury. Everyone can afford it, the advantage mobile revolution has offered. Here, basically mid-range mobile phones are more popular as it doesn’t cost you much and the features it provides are in plenty. Let’s look at some …

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Nepali media going mobile


Technology is transforming how media operates and reaches to their audiences. Nepali media is also going through the transformation. It seems they have felt the heat of the competition in the market. They are catching up with new technology whether it is print or broadcast medium to make sure that it didn’t get left behind. We have to say mobile …

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Messi runner mobile game launched


QB9 Entertainment, an Argentine company that recently acquired rights to design video games around the Barcelona star, has launched “Messi Runner,” a “Temple Run”-style game with a soccer twist. Temple Run centers around a group of characters trying to steal gold coins while avoiding obstacles and evading a group of demonic monkeys. While Messi runner tries to avoid obstacles on …

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Samsung launches Galaxy A9


South Korean giant Samsung has publicized its Galaxy A9 smartphone at a launch event in China. Samsung's newest smartphone has a 6-inch screen and contains a non-removable 4000 mAh battery.

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Watch free TV from ‘Net TV Nepal’


Net TV Nepal has introduced new ‘free mobile application’ for both android and iphone usersNET-TV. In the near future the company is also aimed to provide digital set top box for by starting IP TV service in Nepal.

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Facebook plans to launch ‘Work Chat’


Work chat will allow fellow work mates to communicate with each other by group chat, photo sharing, audio and video chat services.

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LG’s Zero, all-metal smartphone


The Android 5.1 Lollipop-powered phone draws its juice from a 2050mAh battery and is available in Black and Gold colour choices.

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Dual screen, dual camera LG V10 (Video)


V10 has been designed in steel and silicone skin and features a 5.7-inch QHD IPS display while the second screen is a 2.1-inch IPS Quantum display

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App to help for the well-being of earthquake victims


There is plenty of evidence that being proactive about caring for well-being can give us a real boost, even when times are stressful

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Meet inbox by Gmail (Video)


Inbox, not a simple an app by Gmail, but it is your assistant who manages your mail box I an organized manner and keeps your conversation and priorities organized.

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All you need to know about Android M


Android M is bringing some much-needed stability and usability improvements, which might not be as immediately exciting, but may prove to be strong long-term additions

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First car featuring Google’s Android Auto System


the 2015 model of Sonata car will offer Google's Android Auto System (GAAS) to its customers

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Best Android apps of 2014, do you have already


Google has published best Android apps of the year 2014, in the last moment of the year. Google, giant internet company runs Android Play Store also owner of Android technology listed 68 apps as best apps of the year.

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All secret Android codes, tips and tricks for your Android mobile devices.


Get all the secret codes of android

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How to Register an Incoming Number in Android Phone


If you want to store the number of a person from calling you in your Android phonebook, it's pretty simple.

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Best Apps of 2014 ( Google’s Declaration )

best app

Apps world has grown a lot in 2014. Till the December there are more than 1 million apps added in Google play. You have numerous options apps having same function. The Google has simplified your quest for the best apps. These are the best android apps of 2014 declared by Google

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