Nepali media going mobile

Technology is transforming how media operates and reaches to their audiences. Nepali media is also going through the transformation. It seems they have felt the heat of the competition in the market. They are catching up with new technology whether it is print or broadcast medium to make sure that it didn’t get left behind. We have to say mobile technology is changing the face of overall media as. Technology is making paradigm shift so people would not get hooked to TV, radio or newspapers for the updates anymore. Audiences are seeking for new medium and media industry must also search for way outs to reach out to them.

Of the latest transformation Nepali media has undergone, it is the introduction of a mobile application in line with the technological advancement. Many media houses have launched news mobile apps and here we have listed some of them.


Nagarik NewsNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

Nagarik News mobile app provides information on various categories like current news, economy, sports, world, technology, health, information, interview and much more. You can select your specific interest among them and get notifications if there is any new update. Not only this, you can view e-paper, various videos, cartoons and save the content if you need them for later use. It is available both on Android and iOS.

Download it.


UjyaloNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

This app has more things to offer apart from news. You can tune to live radio through the app, download your favorite programs and access social media accounts of ujyalo fm.

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OnlinekhabarNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

With Onlinekhabar’s app, you can get contents on different categories like entertainment, sports, business, interview, literature, technology and features. Onlinekhabar app has also made news videos available. You can also save them if needed. It has been downloaded 100 thousand times.

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Avenues TVNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

It lets the user watch live streaming of Avenues TV with the help of internet connection. It is not only limited to live streaming but provides news updates on various topics, program videos and also the program guide. It has been downloaded 50thousand times.

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eKantipurNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

One of the prestigious and largest media group, Kantipur media group has the app titled ‘eKantipur’. It is all in one app. You can get news from Kantipur, Kathmandu post, Saptahik, Nepal magazine, Nari magazine, Kantipur TV, Kantipur gold, and radio Kantipur. You can read, watch, listen as you like. You can also get e-paper. It is available on android and iOS. It has been downloaded 500 thousand times.

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Sagarmatha TVNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

With Sagarmatha TV app, you can view live tv streaming, popular and latest videos. There aren’t many options available. It has been downloaded ten thousand times.

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Himalaya TVNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

The app of Himalaya TV let users view latest and most popular programs and also featured ones. You can also browse through national, international, social, political and entertainment news.

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Annapurna PostNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

The mobile app of Annapurna post provides latest updates along with horoscope, a photo gallery, updates on foreign exchange rates, share market, price of gold and silver. It has been downloaded ten thousand times.

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ABC TVNepali media going mobile - Doorsanchar

The mobile app of ABC TV has few to offer. You can get live streaming and view latest and popular videos.

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