7 features you probably didn’t know what android is capable of

A majority of us carry android phones but we may not know what our phones really can do. There is really some cool features android offers us, along with that there are some hidden features you may not have discovered yet. Android phones are really multifunctional. Android comes with many unbelievable and awesome features and hacks. We let you know some of them here:

1Multiple accounts

Can we have multiple social media accounts on the same device? You must be thinking no. but with you android phone if you use virtualization method. Parallel space which is based on MultiDroid lets you have multiple accounts on the same device. To use it, at first you should install all the apps you need to use. Then install Parallel Space and select which apps you want to run in the virtual space of this app. Parallel space makes it very easy switching between your accounts. But it works better on the phone with 3GB RAM.

Getting rid of spam2

Well, we all get spam texts on a large number. If you tired of it, true messenger (from a true caller) can help you. It does crowdsourcing of widely known spammers to keep your inbox rid of spam messages. Likewise, if you want to get entertaining with messaging experience, you can have Chomp SMS. It is password protected as well as provides you various vibrant features.

3Cutting down the screen size

If you are finding it hard to run your large screen phone on one hand, it’s better you cut the screen size down for your comfort. Most of the android phones have inbuilt features of one-handed operation mode. If you go into settings you can find it. If your phone doesn’t have this feature, you still can resize the screen by rooting your phone. Once your phone is rooted you can install the app called Niwatori to enable one-handed operation mode. If you don’t want to root your mobile, you can try App called Lazy Swipe that also enable one-handed operation mode through app launcher.

Make animations better4

To enhance animation settings on your phone, go to settings >about device and tap continuously for 8 or 9 times. While tapping you will get a pop-up informing developer options has been enabled. Then go back to settings and you will find developer options. Scroll down you will see window and transition animation scale that will change animation settings. If you don’t want to look animations better you can turn it off.

5Transfer and backup text messages

If you think your messages are too precious and important to be deleted and equally worried that it is slowing down your app, get the SMS backup and restore app. With this app, it is very easy to transfer, restore and backup your messages. You can view it on any other device after transferring.

Make boring task operate on its own

There are some tasks that you do on a daily basis on your phone and they are too boring like turning off wifi. If you want to automate it, get IFTTT(if this then that) app. This app helps you do you some boring and regular tasks if you set recipes for it.

External storage6

Having free space on your phone is very important for smooth functioning. Most of the phones have MicroSD slot that makes easy to free space on the phone by moving apps. Other than that, you can install AppMgr(App2SD) that can provide you external storage. It can install all unwanted apps in one single click, stop those apps from consuming more space and much more.

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