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Obi Worldphones launched in Nepal

Obi Worldphones in Nepal

Starck Tech, a subsidiary company of Jyoti Group has launched mobilephones of global smartphone company. Obi Worldphone is a Silicon Valley Based Company founded by former Apple and PepsiCo CEO John Sculley. Two signature smart phones of Obi Worldphone, SF1 and SJ1.5 have been launched in Nepali market.

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Apps to download Torrents in Mobile

01 Torrent apps for smart phones tTorrent Lite

We all know that the best way to download or share big data files is Torrenting. Not only PCs but in mobile too Torrent is the best way to download big sized files such as movies and softwares. There are couples of software to download torrent in personal devices such as PC, Smartphones, tablets etc. among them uTorrent & BitTorrent are quite popular.

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Soon your skin will work as smartphone display

turn your arm smartphone display

A wearable device will transform the way people use smartphone and tablets turning human skin as interactive display. Named as 'Cicret Bracelet' the device projects the images of Android smartphone and tablet on human skin can be used as smartphone display, with full color the image becomes touch sensitive and swipeable.

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5 Smartphones with strong battery backup

02 Smartphones with best battery backup _ Intex Aqua Power

Discharging battery soon is common problem faced by many smartphone users. There are couples of smartphones with strong battery backup we here enlisted some of them as 5 Smartphones with strong battery backup

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3 free iPhone apps to travel Sydney smart

3 apps to travel Sydney Smart

Sydney, not only in the list of most expensive cities in the world; it's the hub for international education and tourism. With diverse people and culture Sydney stands as a globalized city, one can enjoy colors of life in a short stay. Life and activities in Sydney are faster than other Asian cities (may be than other continents). There are two rule you must follow here (it's for your own benefit)

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‘No Phone’ probably the next phone for you

02 No Phone

Holding on hand & start talking with 'hello...' is became common activity of commoner around the world today. Whether wired or wireless phone connects people, its universal understanding on phone, based on that Nokia adopted its slogan 'connecting people' but now both NOKIA and the slogan myth now most of people are accepting that smart phone distracts people from their duties and responsibilities. If you think you are using your smart phone everywhere and every time, and almost for unproductive, here is new phone for you the 'No Phone' which really connects you with your real world and keeps you productive and happy a lot

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Different lane for Mobile Users

02 China Opens different Lanes for Mobile Addicts

Good news for mobile users who cannot resist using their smartphone even though walking on the street, now states started to think about them and build roads, street friendly to them and their mobile additive nature. With the growing trend of using phone on walk the concept of mobile lane is started to take part on national planning.

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Apple Unveils Two Phones: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


Apple has launched two new iPhone models slimmest design it ever made. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus which are larger than previous devices are featured with faster processors, better cameras, and NFC integration along with Apple's new ApplePay payment system.

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OnePlus One Pre-order to Start From October


Leaving behind the controversial invite system for smartphone, the OnePlus One company is planning to open pre-ordering of the best smartphone with low price.

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NT started Wi-Fi Service in Sajha Bus

sajha bus doorsanchar

If you travel through Sajha Bus daily, then good news is here. Also, if you use other vehicle for the same way, then you will definitely choose Sajha Bus for one more reason than comfortable and high standard drive. Now Sajha Bus commuters can enjoy internet inside the bus during the journey.

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Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

grand 2 samsung price in nepal

International Marketing Services (IMS) is the authorised distributor of Samsung mobile phones in Nepal and is dealing with various brands of mobile phones in Nepal. The number of Samsung mobile phone users are expanding aggessively in Nepal. We have collected some popular samsung mobile phones available in Nepali market along with their price and specifications.

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Block Ads on Android Device

block ads adaway

Ads and pop-ups in small screen of android phones are really annoying. They may hinder you from feeling the speed and consume unnecessary space too. We are in this post going to help you with simple steps to block those ads not only on browsers but also on almost all applications including games that you use.

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Nokia’s first dual-SIM cellular phone

nokia-lumia-620-dual-sim-mobile phone

Lumia 630, a new model of trendy brand Nokia has launched dual-SIM version along with single in the market.

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