Apps to download Torrents in Mobile

We all know that the best way to download or share big data files is Torrenting. Not only PCs but in mobile too Torrent is the best way to download big sized files such as movies and softwares. There are couples of software to download torrent in personal devices such as PC, Smartphones, tablets etc. among them uTorrent & BitTorrent are quite popular.

But most of smartphone user confuses how to download torrent in their mobile and what are the apps for download torrent. There are different apps available for different mobile operating system, here are some apps to download Torrents in Mobile :

App for Android

01 Torrent apps for smart phones tTorrent Lite
tTorrent Lite
tTorrent Lite is one of the best apps to download torrent for Android device. The app helps to download torrents easily. According to developer it has following features which enriches your experience:

  • Easy search for torrents with the optional plugin
  • Create and share new torrent files
  • Choose single files for download from torrents containing multiple files
  • Sequential download mode (streaming)
  • Wifi only mode, Wifi or WiMAX mode
  • Mmagnet link support, trackerless torrent (DHT) support
  • RSS support(automatically download torrents published in feeds)
  • UPnP and NAT-PMP support
  • IP filtering support
  • Proxy support (SOCKS, HTTP)
  • Encryption
  • Local Peer Discovery
  • Web interface (also supports Transdroid as a remote controller)
  • Label support (with custom save path)
  • SeriesGuide search Extension

Download this app from HERE

App for Windows

02 Torrent apps for smart phones wpTorrent

wpTorrent is a native BitTorrent (bit torrent) client for Windows Phone. It’s the app which allows you to download torrents easily and directly in your Windows phone. With an ultra rich classic look its available free

Rich BitTorrent (Bit Torrent) features.
Including magnet link support, setting file priorities, download/upload rate limit, incoming listen port, ect.
Video and music playback integrated.
Enables you to watch downloaded videos or play music while downloading is in progress.
File manager with multiple data sharing approaches.
You can browse and view downloaded files and share them via app native web server, upload them to OneDrive, or save music file to Music + Videos Hub.
Search engine management.
You may add a web or RSS search engine, even import a engine list shared by others.
Power saving options.

Download this app from HERE

App for iPhone

03 Torrent apps for smart phones IS Drive
IS Drive

IS Drive lets you to download torrents in your IOS devices like iPhone, iPod and iPad It’s available free to download.

Download this app from HERE

App for Symbian Mobiles

04 Torrent apps for smart phones Sym Torrent
Sym Torrent
It’s the app which allows you to enjoy torrent download in Symbian mobiles. Symbian is the operating system for Nokia mobiles.
Download this app from HERE

App for Java Mobiles

05 Torrent apps for smart phones MobTorrent
It’s the widely used app for torrent download for Java Mobiles. The app is designed for s40 phones.

Download this app from HERE

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