SEO techniques for 2016

If you want your website be viewed by more and appear on the forefront of Google search, then you must be aware of top SEO trends for 2016. Here are some of the SEO strategies:

On-site SEO techniques include:

SEO techniques for 2016 - Doorsanchar
1) Apply mobile responsive design: This is an approach to make your web design be viewed from any devices; desktop to mobile phones so that many internet surfers can have access to your site.
2) Have solid technical site structure and user navigation: Information should be organized in such a way that would enable more users use it and have access to it. It should have a structure of shared information. Such structure should allow users to find information what they are looking for.
3) Internal linking: Website should have a feature of linking page to another page on the same website. This helps a user to navigate through a website.

4) Structured data markup: Structured data markup makes it easier to determine company basics like Name, address, place and information about an article, products on a website. It makes information on website predictable and thought to provoke.
5) Local Optimization: It is focused on providing information based on our nearest location. IT helps users to give information regarding their local search.

Off-site SEO techniques

SEO techniques for 2016 - Doorsanchar
1) Relationships and networking: If we don’t have active networking it is likely to affect search result. Content that has been shared widely by social connection is easily visible on Google search. If you are an active participant on Google+, twitter, facebook you will get positive results on SEO so you should build an active relationship with social media.
2) Influencer guest posting: Guest posting is writing on other’s blog. It helps to increase readership and number of website visits. For guest posting, you must have quality content. The influencer guest includes link to your blog in the post and makes content easier to find on Google.
3) Google+ reviews: It helps to find out good and bad sides of your website and make necessary changes. Reviews of viewers would help increase the number of more viewers if we work according to their needs. It helps better to understand our customers and their needs.
4) Mid-to-long tail and branded anchor text: Anchor text is visible text in a hyperlink. IT helps you to link with other sites and switched between it. It is helpful for viewers to gather maximum information and increase interest to your site.
5) Heavy content distribution: Once you have created some content, distribute it widely through paid and unpaid channels. You can use your own emails, blogs, and social media profiles for this purpose.

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