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Organize your computer - Doorsanchar

When you have too much of documents, files scattered on desktop it looks messy. Unorganized computer might slow down your energy level once you look at it. Organized one adds beauty to your computer, boost up computer performance as well as makes you feel ‘go work on your computer’. Here are some easiest tips to organize your files.
1) Organize your documents: Make a folder for every work you do. Once you have completed doing the work, save them in respective folders. Making folders help you to search your files easily when you need them. If you leave files as it is it becomes quite difficult to find them.

2) Back it up: It is always fruitful to save your files in other location. It will be really unfortunate if you lost your important files accidentally so having back up can prevent such untoward accident. You can save them on drop box, external drive or cloud.

Organize your computer - Doorsanchar

3) Sort through mails: You should delete unwanted and unimportant emails. You can unsubscribe the websites to prevent receiving emails if you don’t need them. You can also delete old emails to free space. Likewise, you can also setup email filters to direct emails from particular domains to relevant folders.

4) Delete the junk: Delete the content from recycle bin and old, useless files that have consumed your storage space.

5) Get rid of unused programs: There might be programs on your computer that are of little use or no use. If you get rid of such programs it will free space on your computer and makes it organized.

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