App that helps us to nap

If you are Smartphone user and using it incessantly, then you would be very glad to know that a new app which helps users to feel sleepy, named ‘mySleepButton’ has been developed.

App that helps us to nap - DoorsancharThe app was developed by Luc Beaudoin, researcher at Simon Fraser University, Canada, and he described that the app works by prompting users to envision diverse objects or sights in quick succession. Whenever, mind riding so fast and randomly then no one can’t stick with all the daily problems. It averts sleep-interfering thoughts and stimulates a mechanism that could help cause doze off. It integrates concepts from cognitive science, a multidisciplinary study of the mind and its processes.

Developer believes that enough sleep is imperative for cognitive performance that reduced due to below par sleep. People need sense for their every aspect of life and timely bed can enhance their entire ability and the app will assist them to get it.


Download IOS app from here (Click)

Find more details from here (Click)

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