Block advertisement on all browsers

Block advertisement on all browsers - DoorsancharYou might be sick of unnecessary ads on almost every site you visit. Here is how to clean up those ads from your browser for all time:

AdFender: It is ad-blocking software which works for all browsers and need not activate for each browser you use. Block advertisement on all browsers - DoorsancharAdFender allows you to block ads on Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, Opera and other web browsers including ads on instant messengers and torrent software. Click here to download AdFender.

Besides blocking ads on every browser at a time, you can install plugins or extensions on each browser you wish to hide ads on websites. Here are ways to do that for each browser:

Firefox: For Mozilla Firefox browser, AdBlock Plus is the most popular add-on for blocking third party ads without a hassle. Click here to install the add-on. Besides firefox, AdBlock Plus works for other browsers too. The open source add-on can block banners, pop-ups, and video ads – even on Facebook and YouTube.

Block advertisement on all browsers - Doorsanchar

Chrome: AdBlock with over 15 million users is commonly used a chrome extension to block ads on Google Chrome internet browser. It also features users to block all advertisements on all web pages including facebook, Youtube, and Hulu. AdBlock is also available for safari and opera browser too. The newer version shows how many ads have been blocked. Click here to install AdBlock extension for chrome.

Block advertisement on all browsers - Doorsanchar

Internet Explorer (IE): AdBlock Plus which is famous ad-blocking add-on on firefox is also available for IE. It is easy to install and works fine. Click here to get AdBlock Plus for IE.Block advertisement on all browsers - Doorsanchar

Opera: For Opera browser, Opera AdBlock seems to be the best add-on to block ads. Apart from this one, AdBlock Plus is also available for Opera. Click here to get Opera Adblock Block advertisement on all browsers - Doorsanchar

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