Top 10 Unique Web Browsers for Windows

Most of us just familiar with fewweb browsers which are popular in the market.  We either use Google Chrome or Firefox or Opera mini or Internet Explorer, but there are  many  web browsers which has unique features and you actually  like these  browsers than the popular one.

1 Blackhawk


BlackHawk Web Browser Browser is an efficient, user friendly web browser, without any bloat inside.People who love both Chrome and Firefox web browsers, so they try to put best of Chrome speed and Firefox practical functionality together

2 NetGroove Browser


 NetGroove is a tabbed browser based on IE engine, light and fast. It requires no installation and you can take it on flash-drive, all you need is in its directories and data files can be easily edited, leaving no trace of browsing on your PC.

NetGroove has a full menu of useful links and tools for navigation, you can save your favorites and set the home page and links on the toolbar. The browser includes predefined links to useful sites, and you will be able to easily modify or erase delete them, as well as add others.

3 Coowon Browser


coowon Browser has features designed specifically for online gamers, including game tools, controller keyboard settings, a boss key, and the ability to adjust page running speed.

4 Dooble Browser


If you want to enjoy everything that the Internet has to offer it’s best to install a browser on the computer. Dooble is a nice tool that was designed for this purpose. The app has a simple interface that is similar to most other browsers on the market. This means that it should be easy to handle by all users.

5 U Browser


U browser is a nifty new social Chromuim based browser, that enables you to surf and stay connected to your social networks with a social sidebar layout.

6 Epic Browser


Epic Browser is a web browser based on Firefox that is aimed at Indian culture, its customs and its traditions. It is made using the different Indian languages.



QtWeb Internet Browser – lightweight, secure and portable browser having unique user interface and privacy features. It is  based on Nokia’s QT framework and Apple’s Webkit.



Browzer is a new Internet Explorer shell browser aimed at addressing any Internet user who has privacy concerns. Anyone who is just looking for a fast, reliable Internet browser will find Browzar extremely useful. Browzar protects user privacy and is especially useful in situations where the computer being used is shared with other people.



 Wyzo an awesome new browser that optimizes your online media experience. It will accelerate your web downloads, let you download torrents with a single click,discover media in your browser.



 Beamrise is a next-generation internet browser that unites browsing and chatting. Based on the latest Chrome technology, Beamrise goes one step further by bringing your favorite social networks with you as you surf the web. To improve your surfing experience, they have added other features as well.

While using Beamrise, you can simultaneously scroll through web pages and chat with your buddies. The sidebar chat allows users to connect with social media platforms such as Facebook, Skype, and Google Chat in order to communicate with their friends while on the web. With the new feature Beamrise Text, you can also send SMS messages directly to your friends’ cell phones. Best of all, Beamrise Text is free; no charges or fees in addition to those already charged by your carrier.

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