The worst telephone booths

Telephone booths in street reflect telephonic development and civilization of society. Telephone booths are as important part of daily needs, although mobile technology has changed the world scenario people and community are still using telephone booth, in a broader sense it increased access to telephony and in another part, they are known for cheaper calling rates.
The worst telephone booths - DoorsancharA public Telephone Booth in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Nepal, the heart of the capital. Durbar Marg is the prime location of Nepal in many terms.

The worst telephone booths - Doorsanchar
There are lots of telephone booths for public use in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia, some are very impressive like Brazilian telephone booths. But there are worst telephone access situation and booths in another part of the world in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. These photos depict the situation of public telephone booths in Nepal as well as public service and telephony condition.
The worst telephone booths - Doorsanchar


Public Telephone Booth in front of Nepal Telecom headquarters Kathmandu, state-owned company pioneer and market leader in Telecom sector often claim notion of public service.
The worst telephone booths - Doorsanchar

Nepal_Public_Telephone_booth 3

The worst telephone booths - Doorsanchar

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