Reduce charging time of your devices

When you are in a hurry and found your phone battery on red, its really disgusting. Here are some tips to charge smartphone or laptop or other electronic devices which could largely reduce the battery recharging time.

Reduce charging time of your devices - Doorsanchar

1. Keep the devices on flight mode: Turing the devices free from wireless connections by activating airplane mode stops the background processes from eating your phone’s battery hence reducing the charging time.

2. Switch Off the device if alarm and reminder are not necessary: If you don’t have to rely on the alarm and other remainder features of a phone, keeping the device switched off is the best alternative to charging the battery within the small duration.

3. Do not charge with USB or other devices:  It may not be possible to get power plugs everywhere and you may have a habit of keeping phones with a computer even for charging. But if you are in a hurry, its not good idea to do so. Charging with a USB will takes longer time compared to the power plug mounted chargers because the computer USB cannot provide the same voltage as that of the previous.

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