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These days everyone owns an android or iPhone with camera function with quality photo output. Almost all of us use our phone to take photos and upload them to social network for some likes and dozens of comments on that. Those people who own DSLR they also do the same. But on the run of being so called socialized on social network like facebook and twitter we all forget that we can make money easily using our mobile phone with lots of fun. With the technological innovation it became easy to make money using some tricks and brain. Wouldn’t it be nice making money through doing something which is actually nothing for you?

There are lots of websites dedicated to buy sale business of photos. They buy photos from you and sale for commercial purpose. Those stock photography online accepts photos in JPG format and at least 4.0 megapixel resolution. Isn’t it interesting?

And one cans easily sale photos on such stock photography website. They offer free membership or sign up.  But, different stock photography website has different rules and guidelines don’t worry they are simple like copyright and ownerships.

Here are three such websites where you can sale your photos:


01 earn money with your photos dreamstime dreamstime.comIt offers various categories for photo submission, the website says:

Anyone can become a member of our community; however we only accept quality-based photos for inclusion in our database. We carefully review each application received. You may apply to become a member by registering and uploading your first files. If they are approved, you will see them on your personal account. As soon as your application is accepted, your files will be available for sale on the site.


02 earn money with your photos shutterstock.comAnother famous stock site accepts photos on JPG format with at least 4.0 megapixel photos to display and sale. It also buys and sales video and illustrations.

The website says:

Turn your creativity into cash
You can reach over 750,000 customers and start earning money right away. Sign up for free and start selling.


03 earn money with your photos fotolia.comWith 27,567,539 royalty free stock photos it offers various types photos to buy and for photographers it is the free market to put photos and sale them on dollars. You can start submit photos after completing simple two step. The website says:

By uploading your files to Fotolia, you are presenting your work to millions of image buyers around the world, 24/7. There are no registration or portfolio management fees, and you have the potential to earn thousands of dollars every month.

Try these and make photography moneygraphy for you 🙂

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