Unhackable, unbreakable and waterproof Phone

Its Unhackable, unbreakable and waterproof Phone

Developed by Turing Robotic Industries based in San Francisco, California and Shenzhen, China, the device is made of a material called liquidmorphium. Liquidmorphium is stronger than steel or aluminum, and can protect the phone from shock and screen breakage. Similarly, the phone is unhackable and waterproof with 5.5 inch size. ‘Wired.com’ reported that end-to-end encryption is built into most of the core apps on the phone.The phone is activated through a fingerprint reader on the side of the device, and is made to keep servers and third parties out of your business as much as possible.

A nano-coating on the internals of the phone makes it extraordinarily waterproof. Turing Robotic Industries CEO Steve Chao said the focus is on three features: privacy keys, liquid metal, nano-coating and the phone is available for preorder starting july31, beginning at USD 610 for a 16 GB model. “These features are like the GPS, Wi-Fi, and camera of the early days of smartphones. People were like, ‘Why do I need that?’ But then they were standardized. In the future, if you don’t have liquid metal, nano-coating, and a privacy key, you’ll be phased out right away,” Chao said.


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