15 tricks for better battery life

photo: sugarzen.wordpress.com
photo: sugarzen.wordpress.com

The issue of less battery backup has always been a major problem for the smartphone users these days. In practice, today’s top phones squeeze out about twenty hours at best. With increased processing capacity of the phones, users tend to enjoy much more services at the same time. As a matter of fact lot of user’s attention remain towards the battery life.

Smartness in use makes difference, there are some tricks for better battery life, here are 15 beneficial tricks for you to get better battery backups on your android and ios devices.

1. Start by deleting apps you havent used in months
2. Disable background app data for all non-essential apps
3. Don’t obbssesively close apps
4. Disable notifications for most apps
5. Tell your phone to check for new email less frequently (iOS)
6. Turn off location services/ reporting
7. Turn off auto brightness and dim the screen.
8. Turn off vibrations
9. Turn down sleep/ auto- lock duration.
10. Turn off Bluetooth.
11. Use dark backgrounds on Samsung or Motorola Phones (Android)
12. Don’t worry so much about fully charging and fully depleting your battery.
13. Pay attention to signal strength.
14. Use battery saver (Android)
15. Airplane mode

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