Save your memories!

downloadA very exciting update has been introduced by Social Networking site Snapchat called ‘memories’ that makes users to save snaps on the app itself if they don’t like posting right away. It helps users to remember memories in new way.

Snapchat Memories also includes a feature that’s meant to secure private photos. Users can also lock those photos preventing others to see from it. This feature allows users to save photos as ‘My Eyes Only’ with a passcode.

With snapchat memories, you can capture now and share it later.

There are three sections called ‘snaps’, stories, ‘camera roll’, ‘my eyes only’ inside snapchat memories. You can find all your photos you have save to memories under ‘snap’ tab. Camera Roll shows photos stored on your device.Your can make stories with these photos and share it with your friends. These stories appear in ‘stories’ tab.

Snapchat has also changed the way you save photos and videos. Users can go to app’s main settings and set how to save your photos. Snapchat also has brought new feature that recognizes the photos with your relevant searches. If user type water, photos associated with it appear.

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Rebati holds Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Tribhuvan University, Nepal also works in Lakshya Nepal as Social Media Analyst, was Radio Jockey in Times FM.

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