Nepal improves gradually on Global Information Technology Report

Nepal is gradually improving its ranking on Global Information Technology Report every year. It ranks on 118th position out of 143 countries on overall Networked Readiness Index 2016 (NRI) . Global Information Technology Report is annual report revealed by World Economic Forum. The report provides us insights into countries performance that have benefited economically from the investments in information and communication technologies.

In 2014, Nepal stood on 123rd position out of 148 countries while in 2013 it ranked on 126th position out of 144 countries in report’s Networked Readiness Index.

Key findings of Global Information Report 2016:Capture

Nepal Ranks 116 in terms of mobile phone subscription

It ranks 119 in terms of individuals using internet

It ranks 105 in terms of fixed broadband internet subscription for every 100 population

It ranks 97 in terms of mobile broadband subscription for every 100 population

It ranks 119 in terms of use of virtual social networks


Singapore leads the report’s Networked Readiness Index, followed by Finland, Sweden, Norway and the United States.

The network readiness index is an indicator of four main categories and ten other subcategories.

  1. Environment sub index
  2. Political and regulatory environment (9 indicators)
  3. Business and innovation environment (9 indicators)
  4. Readiness sub index
  5. Infrastructure (4 indicators)
  6. Affordability (3 indicators)
  7. Skills (4 indicators)
  8. Usage sub index
  9. Individual usage (7 indicators)
  10. Business usage (6 indicators)
  11. Government usage (3 indicators)
  12. Impact sub index
  13. Economic impacts (4 indicators)
  14. Social impacts (4 indicators)


Advanced economies are better than developing ones at harnessing ICTs. High income economies dominate the NRI, 1taking the first 31 places in the overall NRI rankings. At the bottom of the rankings, 26 of the 30 worst-performing countries are low-income or lower-middle-income countries.

Singapore is now the only representative of the Asian Tigers in the top 10. Second, with only Malaysia (32nd) featured in the top 60, two thirds of the countries from the region appear in the bottom half of the rankings; Mongolia (61st), Sri Lanka (65th), and Thailand (67th) all lag some 30 places behind. China is stable in 62nd position, while India continues its decline, dropping a further six to 89th place.



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