Easily Locate a Lost or Stolen Android Device


This tip will show you how to try to find a smartphone or Android touchscreen tablet if lost or stolen, and remotely delete data if necessary.

Like Apple with its iPhone and iPad , Google has provided a tracking device for smartphones and Android tablet computers. With it, we can try to find his device if lost or stolen, and remotely delete data if necessary.

For this it is necessary to activate the device on the device. So go in the application “Google Settings” and select “Android Device Manager”. It then remains to mark the first box and the second if you want more you can lock the device or delete its remote data in memory.

The day a case of loss or theft occurs, simply connect to the Google Play service from the computer and go to the “Android Device Manager” by clicking on the top right gear. From there, it only remains to select the device in question and to ring the device (at full volume) or start the localization process. In the case of a flight, we can also start erasing data remotely.

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