Nokia finally makes a comeback with Nokia 6

A new Nokia 6 smartphone is seen in this handout image released by HMD to Reuters on January 7, 2017. HMD/Handout via Reuters

Eventually, the best phone of all time Nokia has returned to the market. The Finnish company, HMD Global has announced the launch of the first Nokia smartphone, Nokia 6 particularly targeted for Chinese users. Issuing a press statement, HMD has said its decision to launch first Nokia android phone in the Chinese market is to meet the real world needs …

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Five cheapest 4G supported smartphones


Nepal Telecom launched 4G service last week. By now we all know that to enjoy better and faster 4G data experience we need 4G supported smartphones. It is also true that many people have developed a mindset that smartphones offering 4G compatibility are expensive. But it’s not true. There is a wide range of 4G smartphones available in the market …

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Five best android phones of 2016


2017 is here which means it’s time you look back at 2016. There were several smartphones launched in 2016 offering various features that could fit in every kind of budget. In 2016 android smartphone market went camera crazy. There were many phones launched that entirely focused only on selfie camera. Many of them even succeeded to grab our attention while …

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Motorola’s all metal phone launched in India


Motorola has launched all metal Moto M at a very affordable price in India. The mid-range phone is available with exclusive offers which include Rs 1,000 off for Citibank Credit card and additional 2,000 discounts on an exchange. It has undergone a huge design compared to Moto Z and Moto X series. It has a complete metal body with antenna …

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Samsung plans to disable Note 7 handsets


In a bid to prevent more explosions Samsung is preparing to permanently disable Galaxy Note 7 that are out in the market. The company will issue a software update next week  in the US that will prevent Note 7 from charging. As a result, the phone will stop working. 2016 was a very unfortunate and eventful year for Note7. Initially, …

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Four Nokia phones expected to be released in 2017


It has already been confirmed that Nokia is making a comeback in 2017. Nokia, which was once a family name is indeed worth waiting for.  The mobile brand Nokia is still very close to our hearts because of the best phones it delivered during its heydeys. Nokia brand phones are ranked in the best-selling phones of all time. This time …

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Its confirmed! Nokia to launch smartphones next year


Nokia, which used to be one of the most popular mobile brand has announced to make a comeback in 2017 with new range of smartphones. Nokia has made strategic agreement with HMD Global Oy, the Finnish company. HMD has taken the responsibility of manufacturing upcoming Nokia phones for the next ten years. HMD and Nokia signed a deal back in …

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Oppo cuts down price of Oppo A37 by Rs 2,290


OPPO DS Pvt Ltd has cut down the price of the popular handset Oppo A37 by two thousand and two hundred. Now the phone will be available at Rs 20,490. Previously, it was priced at Rs 22,690. The phone is popular for its selfie features. It has 5MP camera with extra-large 1.4μm pixels and a 1/4-inch sensor. This allows you …

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Get five hours of phone battery life in five minutes of charging with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4


You must have gone through a situation when your phone runs out of power when you are in the middle of something significant. It’s one of the most annoying things you have experienced. You should be very pleased that you will not have to go through such situations ever again. Because, US company Qualcomm has developed Quick Charge 4, which …

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Cheap android phones found to be sending personal data to China


Do you use cheap android phone? If you are nodding, your privacy might be at risk. Researchers in US have found that some cheap android phones have been sending personal information, it could be your texts and location to the server in China. According to researchers at Kryptowire, such android phones come with a software installed which sends the personal …

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OnePlus 3T, rival to the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel launched


OnePlus has unveiled an upgraded version of popular OnePlus 3 smartphone called Oneplus 3T. It has been referred as one of the competitors to iPhone 7 and Google Pixel. OnePlus 3T has gone through a major up gradation on processor and battery life. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, the processor used in the pixel. OnePlus 3 had Qualcomm Snapdragon …

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Top five best camera phones for smartphone photography


Wherever you go, at a restaurant or at parks or on the road, you see people holding their smartphones and clicking pictures. Photography had never been as popular as it has been now. And the credit all goes to smartphones for bringing a breakthrough in smartphone photography. Smartphones have changed everything about camera industry and the art of photography. As …

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Top ten 6GB/7GB RAM smartphones slated to be released in 2017


Smartphones are used for several different purposes. Most of you carry out our major significant business transactions, hold meetings, get access to sensitive information and various content through your phones. We carry out several tasks at the same time. We have many apps running in the background in our phones simultaneously. If you are a multi-tasker and want your multitasking …

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Samsung plans to introduce digital assistant in Galaxy S8


All the popular mobile producing companies have embraced digital assistant in their mobile phones. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, Google recently launched google assistant and Samsung is also following the same path. Samsung is preparing to introduce digital assistant in its Galaxy S8. It is named as AI Assistant. AI assistant is the virtual assistant that allows users to …

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10 smartphones that are about to hit market in 2017


We see the launch of a mobile phone like every single day. More mobile phones with awesome features, up gradation and technology are pouring in. 2016 is about to end and it has been a great year regarding the new mobile launch excluding some hiccups. Google ventured into the mobile market with its own mobile phones, Apple left us in …

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Smartphones that became unpopular shortly after the launch


  The mobile market witnesses the launch of a new phone almost every week letting customers experience something new a lot.  It is the customers’ satisfaction that matters the most for either new or old mobile brands. The one that pleases the customers survive till the end while the one that fails extinct. Every day some new kind of mobile is …

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How to unlock forgotten pattern and password on Android?


Every one of us creates pattern and password to stop others from snooping our mobile phone. Patterns and password keep phone secure and stop the misuse of the phone data if you accidentally lose your phone. Though meant to be secure it might be one of the frustrating things if you forget your set pattern. Though it is a rare …

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So-called ‘safer’ Note 7 replacement catches fire for the third time


The third replacement of Samsung Galaxy Note 7,  since the first Note 7 explosion has caught fire for the third time in Kentucky. The phone was owned by Michael Klering. He was sent to the hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation injuries. This is reported to be third Note 7 explosion  in less than a week. Few days ago Southwest …

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